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lundi 10 novembre 2008

Thou shall be polite

Previously, i told you about an english book about french manners... "Talk to the snail", Stephen Clarke. I don't resist no more time before i give you a new part of this excellent book. Words are unusefull: just taste it.

"The french are geniuses at being polite while simultaneously insulting you. You've never been put down until you've been put down by a Frenchman. And they do it with such aplomb. They can wish you a good day, call you an idiot and send you sprawling into the verbal gutter beore you can even open your mouth to reply.

I was once queuing at a famous french restaurant that doesn't take reservations because it doesn't need to. A chic-looking American expat, with a smug 'yes i live here' look on his face, sidled to the front of the line and quietly informed the maître that he'd reserved a table for two.

'Reserved a table, Monsieur?' the maître d' replied for the whole queue to hear. 'We don't take reservations. Is Monsieur sure he didn't call the McDonald's on the corner by mistake ?'

He got a big laugh, and presumably lost a customer for life, but couldn't resist the temptation to get in an insult that put the pretentious interloper firmly in his place. The French may claim to livein a classless republic, but they are very keen on keeping everyone in their place. And politeness, combined with extreme rudeness, is often the best way to do it."

I hope you tasted it like me. The whole book is interesting. You have to read it absolutely.

Romook, english reader

dimanche 2 décembre 2007

Lawyers against the Law

In his book "Talk to the Snail", Stephen Clarke has written one chapter about the secret french habits. he began it by "In France, things are done on a 'don't need to know' basis. Unless forced to do otherwise, no one will tell you anything."

This book is very funny because you have some french habits which are caught by the author with ironical writting or black humour. I'm taken one part of this chapter to notice how comic it is.

"French court lawyers all look like abstract sculptors who have been practising on their own hair. They are often interviewed on TV about a case as their client enters or emerges from the courtroom, and they all look like the last person you would want to defend you in a court of law. Unshaven, vaguely psychopathic, totally untrustworthy.
But in fact they are often very astute operators, because they are experts at manipulating French secrecy.
In the British legal system, solicitors are officers of the court and as such are duty-bound to produce any relevant documents in their possession, even if they are harmful to their client. But French lawyers have no such obligation. So what if their client filmed himself hacking his business partner to death? No one else knows about the home slasher movie, so they can plead not guilty. At the same time, these lawyers are more than happy to review all the evidence into a forest of TV and radio mics and then claim that their client cannot possibly get a fair trial because the media keep reporting the case. The moral is, what better person to defend you than someone capable of such beautiful hypocrisy ?"

I'm very pleased to read it. I nod.

Romook, no time to write these last days

vendredi 22 décembre 2006

About Avital Ronell

I read one "philosophy book" of Avital Ronell. The first time, I read this woman. I think she is the most interesting way of mind I discovered in the head of a woman. I didn't read a lot of things from women : Yourcenar, Duras, Weil, Despentes, Nothomb, Sand, Darieussecq, Harendt.

I know it's a short list of women. I read one or more books for each author. My special research was to find if there is a difference with a male mind and a female mind. It's one of prejudice in the world. And I really dislike this kind of idea. So, I would know how I could answer of this question. I was in doubt for a long time. And, I think I couldn't decide because there is one thing very important in the scheme of mind : socialisation rules. If a girl heard she's only a girl and couldn't make this thing - or the other - a long time in his child period, after, her brain are not able to make this thing. It's not only the fault of the parents, of course - it would be, in this case, so simply - but the responsability of the society - darked ideas used in movies, press or social rules.

Now, I think Men and Women are not the same - you know, I think about mind, not about other things. These others, I know it from a long time, now, and I appreciate this difference ;-) - in the way of mind. I remark some women express their mind using examples and a lot of details about something, maybe they need some picture of things to think about it. For men, it's more abstract. A lot of details annoyed them and lost their attention. So, there is a difference. But, I don't know why. This is two way of mind, but, no one is better in comparison of the other.

I discovered Avital Ronell and I asked myself. I believe she has a way of mind like a man, in my opinion, according to I explained before. So, I believe, dear visitors, if you like philosophy, you need to read her because she is very interesting (I don't want you think these previous female authors aren't!). The choice of the theme is original, in every way. So, read it.

Romook, book adviser ?