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vendredi 7 septembre 2007

How to turn a good girl bad...

How to turn a good girl bad

Something I liked, when I was in London, was to read the london tube newspapers during commuting. It's as I was student, this special school where I read every morning the free newspapers "20 minutes" and made competitions with other schoolmates during the class about crosswords. I know... You can fell I was a bad student. But, in my mind, it wasn't. Just bad teachers and some old informations I learned before... So, my newspaper made me quiet. I was a model student during my reading, as silent as the teacher could expect... After the classroom, everyday I used to drink beers debate of the most important point of the day lessons.

So, in anyway, for the days I was in London, I kept some free newspaper and I just spoted that. What could I see ?? Some strange article about a sex academy, in the center of London ? So, I thought immediately it was very important to give this information to Ania, who always wants to know some new interesting things (about sex obviously). In this respect, I found this article on the website of this newspaper. Everyone could taste that now. Isn't it good?

Romook, United Kingdom's reporter

dimanche 7 janvier 2007

Surfing on the chinese net : like a waver

I explained i couldn't use Windows XP, with Firefox or IE, to surf on the net in China, just Linux with Firefox, Mozilla or other browser under Linux. I have changed my hotel and, now, it's better. Under Windows XP, I could surf with IE (very slow and sometimes i can't access on particular websites) and Firefox (more fast and every website I could access in my precedent travels is accessible this time). But, the winner is definitely Linux because my connection is more fast than the twice, Windows XP and Firefox.

But, in this last case, sometimes it's really uncertain and slow...

So, I took the decisions to control comments before publish them.

Romook, in China, on the Net

Warning : comment will be controlled before to be published

Dear Visitor,

During my travel in China, I'm not sure I can speedly control all the comments you could let - you need to remark the word "coud" used in your special case - on my blog. So, in this respect, I decided all the comments need to be approved before they are publish. So, don't be afraid if you see your comment not on line very quickly. Sometimes, it's not the anti-spam gun... Few moment later, you could see it on line.


mardi 2 janvier 2007

You need to know

From 4 january to 24 january, i will be again in China. Sometimes in Beijing, sometimes in WuHan. I'm a lucky man :-)

Romook, glob-trotter

lundi 6 novembre 2006

Sex lesson for prostitutes stirs debate

Sex lesson for prostitutes stirs debate

Prostitution, to be or not to be. Is it an essential activities of the social harmony. Why is it not a good activity? Only because there is some human rights perhaps... But, if you consider in the world, perhaps in ten years, Asia needs about 100 millions of women, you could understand without prostitution, it would be sure to have some new world war.

Men could live without liberty, without car or without good food to eat, but, however, there is no one could live without a woman to fuck sometimes. It's an hormonal way of life. In this respect, it would be essential to have prostitution in this part of the world, or to create some new rules about marriage - it could be one woman for two men ?

So, i know some of women could say i'm crazy or i dislike women to give an opinion like this. But consider how is a man who couldn't have a sexual relationship for a long time, but see everyday women around him... That's the point.

I don't believe in the fact a woman is like an animal when i tell you this idea. I've just explained man is like an animal. I know it, am I...

Romook, sometimes afraid by this crazy world

dimanche 8 octobre 2006

Software 1.0 available!

I'm so happy to inform you my software is now a 1.0 version! I decide to stop some specific developments to swtich it as a stable version. There are 2320 lines in my program. I could create some specific cryptographic algorithms or software easily.

I'm very happy to finish it but, in the same time, i have new ideas about this... I want to continue to create some new instructions. After i write my work documentation, probably, i have some time to do it. My life is very different now... in every part... I see my future, and i have no idea of it. It's my actual view of mine. Some others guys could tell me some points of view about it, but i know, reality is like this : no picture. One day by a day, i need to build it by myself. This is the real sense of life, my real sense of it.

Now, i need go back work to finish.

Romook, language creator

samedi 7 octobre 2006

Blog's temporaly closed to braining work...

I'm so sorry, but i haven't time before thursday to write something. I have a little problem about informatic regular expression about Perl. For example, you could have some clear view of my actual brain life seeing this :

## Search about data type




                               my $vars;
my @ssvar;

                              $vars=extrac_var($ligne[$h], VAR);

                                if($s_var[1] ==0){
$type="unsigned char";


                                 elsif($s_var[1] ==1){




                                       print "Unclear problem about data  : $ligne[$h]\n";


I have a little problem, it doesn't work like i want... I like informatics, and you ?

Romook, i will drink a bloody mary : after i could see clearer this kind of problem...