I was very tired these last days and I didn't find some little powers to write something interesting. I had just installed some new operating system on a new computer. Sometimes I think I was very strange in this way... I explained to all my friends "Linux is better than Windows" (in everyway than Windows Vista :-( ), and I spent many days to have a perfect operating system as linux (mandriva, the last version). But... But... How can I explain? After few days, I just noticed I can not write in chinese. So, I need to switch my Linux OS for the common one. And I think I lost my time for few days.

It was just to write something. In this way, you know I'm not dead. Notice I will go in Germany for the week-end, beginning friday. Unfortunately, you won't have new post for the week end I'm afraid of. More patient you will be, more interesting will be my future post. Hmmm... I hope so too.

Romook, tired mind