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mardi 25 septembre 2007

One gift for you, my friend

I'm so happy to be in China now. This last evening was a festival in the Wuhan University and some very good musicians and dancers made marvellous performances. I was so much pleased to be invited by my students. One of the most important director, who is also my friend, has given me one beautiful and tradional chinese gift. He said : "One gift for you, my friend."

It's for me a great pleasure to present you that :

Isn't it beautiful ?

Romook, what's a nice country

samedi 15 septembre 2007

I'm arrived in Shanghai

I'm arrived in shanghai today. Weather is a litle bit hot (around 27°C), but that's ok. All is perfect : my flight neighbor was a spanish woman, who didn't speak french, neither english or chinese... Unfortunately, she stank a lot and didn't understand she and her child needed to sleep to be dynamic at the arrival. So, I couldn't sleep. That upsets me a lot because I would have the reste all the afternoon... But, essential is I'm arrived. So, you know the true. Don't be surprise if I blog something about China.

vendredi 7 septembre 2007

How to turn a good girl bad...

How to turn a good girl bad

Something I liked, when I was in London, was to read the london tube newspapers during commuting. It's as I was student, this special school where I read every morning the free newspapers "20 minutes" and made competitions with other schoolmates during the class about crosswords. I know... You can fell I was a bad student. But, in my mind, it wasn't. Just bad teachers and some old informations I learned before... So, my newspaper made me quiet. I was a model student during my reading, as silent as the teacher could expect... After the classroom, everyday I used to drink beers debate of the most important point of the day lessons.

So, in anyway, for the days I was in London, I kept some free newspaper and I just spoted that. What could I see ?? Some strange article about a sex academy, in the center of London ? So, I thought immediately it was very important to give this information to Ania, who always wants to know some new interesting things (about sex obviously). In this respect, I found this article on the website of this newspaper. Everyone could taste that now. Isn't it good?

Romook, United Kingdom's reporter