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mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Cancion del Emperador, Luys de Narvaez


This is the song "Mille Regretz" of Josquin Desprez, a french composer :

Mille regretz de vous habandonner,
Et deslongiers vostre fache amoureuse,
Jay si grant doeul et paine doloreuse,
Quon my verra brief mes jours definer.

Now, you could listen the transcription of a 4 voices polyphonia, based on this song, which was made for vihuela by Luys de Narvaez (1538). This is one of my favourite piece.

I recorded myself because I don't want to infridge some legal right. So, it's my guitar mourns some desperated loves...

Romook, sometimes guitar player...

jeudi 18 janvier 2007

Just a reflexion about humour...

I'm reading "Stupidity", a book of Avital Ronell (I told you about her before). This book explains why "stupidity" is a big philosophical problem. While I read, I ask myself about foreign people. I think you have a way to know what these think truly about you : the joke-test.

You could make a joke with foreign persons. If you understand their culture, you know if they could understand this like a joke. Or, sometimes, they didn't laugh, just explained why you didn't understand something... Or then didn't reply (the worst!!). Just a big silent. So big.

First at all, you could ask yourself if your pronunciation is right. So, if there is no more problem to communicate with you in other ways, you know it wasn't. Terrible, that sounds terrible.

Secondly, in the bad case they explained to you something you seemed not understand, you know they just think you are not able to make a joke, but you're able to understand why you're wrong.

Thirdly, this is the worst case : they just kept silent. Like they haven't listened something. This meaning is they just think you're so stupid. And, they didn't want to explain something because you're not able to understand. They think your mind's agility is so poor. So, in this case, you seem just as stupid people. And there is no way to exit. If you've explained before your humour, they just kept in mind, you're stupid and they didn't want to make an effort to explain. If you haven't explained before, you could try.

The better case, you're with stupid people, they didn't understand your hability or your mind. In my experience, I give you an advice, just make joke for you : they couldn't understand and, after a joke, you're just more stupid in front of them. So, just believe it's a funny moment to have some people think you're stupid because they are...

And, this joke-test is available with people who live in your country. More funny...

Romook, sometimes it's difficult to have relationships with stupid persons

lundi 15 janvier 2007

Happy to go work...

In the street, you have sometimes, in China, some red sentences like this. It's not an order or an interdiction : red is a colour of happiness in China.

So, this kind of sentence is to remain some good thoughts to chinese people. Translation of this one is : "be happy to go work, and have a safe go home."

Interesting, isn't it?

Romook, social-reporter

mercredi 10 janvier 2007

Proof of my travel in China

As you can read in my blog, I'm in China. Nowadays I explained one or more things I saw. Today, I want to give you one example of what is the difference between China and Europe. Under this, you can see a picture. If you look precisely, then you could know I am in China... Now, look and think about it. The answer is in my comment under this post :-)


dimanche 7 janvier 2007

Surfing on the chinese net : like a waver

I explained i couldn't use Windows XP, with Firefox or IE, to surf on the net in China, just Linux with Firefox, Mozilla or other browser under Linux. I have changed my hotel and, now, it's better. Under Windows XP, I could surf with IE (very slow and sometimes i can't access on particular websites) and Firefox (more fast and every website I could access in my precedent travels is accessible this time). But, the winner is definitely Linux because my connection is more fast than the twice, Windows XP and Firefox.

But, in this last case, sometimes it's really uncertain and slow...

So, I took the decisions to control comments before publish them.

Romook, in China, on the Net

Warning : comment will be controlled before to be published

Dear Visitor,

During my travel in China, I'm not sure I can speedly control all the comments you could let - you need to remark the word "coud" used in your special case - on my blog. So, in this respect, I decided all the comments need to be approved before they are publish. So, don't be afraid if you see your comment not on line very quickly. Sometimes, it's not the anti-spam gun... Few moment later, you could see it on line.


mercredi 3 janvier 2007

The chinese letters

One chinese friend said to me : "I'm shocking by french people. During the holidays, there are many pets which are abandoned. I think it's not worst than eat them."

Isn't it ?

Today, I will go to China. I don't know if I could have Internet and update my blog. In this respect, I close now the functionality allowing to post comments. I'm so sorry : I have no choice. (but I know a lot of visitors can't remark that because they don't know they could post comment in my blog... Hey, Rico, isn't it?).

I hope I can open it again very quickly.

Have an happy new year !

Romook, travelling around the world

mardi 2 janvier 2007

You need to know

From 4 january to 24 january, i will be again in China. Sometimes in Beijing, sometimes in WuHan. I'm a lucky man :-)

Romook, glob-trotter