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vendredi 22 décembre 2006

About Avital Ronell

I read one "philosophy book" of Avital Ronell. The first time, I read this woman. I think she is the most interesting way of mind I discovered in the head of a woman. I didn't read a lot of things from women : Yourcenar, Duras, Weil, Despentes, Nothomb, Sand, Darieussecq, Harendt.

I know it's a short list of women. I read one or more books for each author. My special research was to find if there is a difference with a male mind and a female mind. It's one of prejudice in the world. And I really dislike this kind of idea. So, I would know how I could answer of this question. I was in doubt for a long time. And, I think I couldn't decide because there is one thing very important in the scheme of mind : socialisation rules. If a girl heard she's only a girl and couldn't make this thing - or the other - a long time in his child period, after, her brain are not able to make this thing. It's not only the fault of the parents, of course - it would be, in this case, so simply - but the responsability of the society - darked ideas used in movies, press or social rules.

Now, I think Men and Women are not the same - you know, I think about mind, not about other things. These others, I know it from a long time, now, and I appreciate this difference ;-) - in the way of mind. I remark some women express their mind using examples and a lot of details about something, maybe they need some picture of things to think about it. For men, it's more abstract. A lot of details annoyed them and lost their attention. So, there is a difference. But, I don't know why. This is two way of mind, but, no one is better in comparison of the other.

I discovered Avital Ronell and I asked myself. I believe she has a way of mind like a man, in my opinion, according to I explained before. So, I believe, dear visitors, if you like philosophy, you need to read her because she is very interesting (I don't want you think these previous female authors aren't!). The choice of the theme is original, in every way. So, read it.

Romook, book adviser ?

jeudi 21 décembre 2006

Marathon of questions about Romook

Dear visitors,

I give you one chance to know better your favourite blogger - I speak about me, of course - and, in this respect, I decided to permit everybody to ask me about one thing about me, for 42 days.

It could be an interesting exercise for me : sometimes, maybe, I couldn't answer only because I'm a little bit modest. But, if you play with me, I will give you a true answer. For you, it's interesting : you know me better. For me, it will be the same beacause I could beat my personal limits.

So, if you want to play with me, you could ask me about everything (Romook, life, philosophy, mathematics...) and I will try to answer.

(In this case, I could challenge the world : it's the less I can)

Romook, world's challenger

vendredi 15 décembre 2006

One depth of 8 centimeters

One friend said to me, yesterday evening, with other persons at the table, her Doctor told her she has one vaginal depth of 8 centimeters. So strange. I think it's very short, isn't it?

Romook, caver

vendredi 8 décembre 2006

Pepe, nona, mona and the others...

I've gone in Paris yesterday and i've seen this kind of trains which called "RER". I'm so happy to have a rendez-vous with them. It's, for me, like a pleasure to see old friends. In fact, few years ago, I used to go in Paris to have some guitar lesson - especialy in l'Haye les Roses. At this period, I used "RER B" from Gare du Nord to this place. Each time, it was an exciting travel because i found the name of this train very funny. Mine was very often one which his name is "Pepe". So, if you see "Pepe", you can think about me and say : "it was one of Romook's train".

So lovely... ;-)

Romook, like a child ?