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dimanche 29 octobre 2006

Sun is shining

Sun is shining: happy sunday. I will take my shoes and go outside to run. Running is an expression of freedom. For me, of course. It's so long time i haven't gone outside, especilay to run. So, now, i'll go. There is nothing to understand, i only want to run. Why i write it? Think about it, think about it...

Romook, runner

mardi 24 octobre 2006

I'm airline pilot

Sometimes, i see from my blog some clouds, some nice lands and i imagine the visitor's life. Blogging is like an art, you know, i explained it before, but you have to understand clearly what i mean. I want to show you my idea.

My blog is, litle by litle, a master piece of informatic, that's a natural way of developement, of course, because i'm data processing specialist: Informatic is like an art or a religion (but i think, i need to use "and", not "or", that's an another problem). In this respect, each day, i will include some new things to make it better. That's a great pleasure. Now, i'm like a repair man who needs to have a nice motor in his plane. So, after i have some good machine to travel in the sky, so happy to use it. I go inside, wait a few moment i have some free sky, have a good wheather for a little moment, start off my motor, look my way in the face and go to fly!

In the sky, i could more have a recollection and make a choice of the one i want to show, to explain. Perhaps some visitors think i write post by accident about this news or about one subject. Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, it isn't. I think i have my visitors in my airplane like guests : i need to give them some special view of my country. I take their hand and give the way to go on these lovely spots of my mind.

Did you read Gombrowicz's journal ? If yes, you could easily understand what i mean. Else, you need to read it! I have aplan of my way to explain something and i prepare some post few days before to publish them. In this way, you will know there is no innocent accident about my online publication. I have to say the truth : sometimes it's an accident. But, this not the main line of my blog. In every part, this spot is a view of my brain's work thinking.

In this respect, i have to make some choice every day : it's an art. I have to explain other thing. I want to give a new way of thinking to my visitor. To have a result, i need to shock them sometimes. But, maybe my visitors are so free in their mind now because there is no shocking problem i see. So, at first, i want to pilot their mind to a new way : why there is no possibility to make it? So strange, in my life, i shock a lot of person, but, here, there is no problem. Oh! I know! It's easy to understand, someone didn't have to think about something could switch off my blog quickly and go on other... Poor man...

Think about it, and you will find in my blog some new pleasure. After, you need to think why i write this. Here, you have a new door to open. You're welcome! Come, come, i'm so pleased to welcome you in my house's brain.

Innocent writing doesn't exist.

Romook, "there is something in the conscience which is, in fact, a trap for itself" (W. Gombrowicz)

samedi 21 octobre 2006

Friday night

I have no time to write something because i need to prepare a very important thing for tomorrow... But, i want to tell you, dear visitor, i think about you. However I know, if you're here now, it's so sad because friday night is not a time to go read my blog... You have to make party with your friends, or other funny thing. If you're on my blog, perhaps you're desesperated. In fact, if i understand you, i'm also too. Go in your bed and don't read this page. Here? Today night, no special meaning because i have no time to write some interesting story or other philosophical idea... And i had a lot of pleasure, and i don't want to tell you this, after, you could be more sad than now... In this respect, i 'll let you now and invite you to make one thing like me : go in your bed. If you're alone, don't care. It's like me. More quiet. Less funny. Who want to have fun with me ? Ania? Ania?!

Romook, maybe tomorrow i have no time to write...

dimanche 15 octobre 2006

Air stewardess recruitment in Beijing

Air stewardess recruitment in Beijing

There are some jobs more difficult than others. I think some jobs aren't good for my health. One fo them is this one : judge at a air stewardess-recruiting in Beijing. You would ask me why ? I can give you an answer with ease... But i'm sure if you ask me, you don't know me very closer...

See this picture :

Is it difficult to understand ? If you need to form a jugment, you have to be clear in your mind. Judgment's process have to be dispassionate. Only objective point of view... Hmm... How could make a neutral judgment about chinese women legs ? In this respect, I'm sure I'm very unprofessional... Analogy about this subject is like about artistic pictures. It's so difficult to give a preference because there is no possible competition between artistic points of view. If it's sincere, all artistic ways are available. Know it replies the right way : no choice possible.

One point needs to be more clear, to be explained. If chinese women legs could be considerate like artistic things, they are - in the same time - some attractive objects, which could excite feeling especially in my case. More better parallel is like erotic pictures. For this reason, I think if someone would I make recruitment about air stewardess, i need to decline his offer, unfortunately... Not only because i think i couldn't make a good job, but because i know my hearth couldn't survive this special test. Every day some seductive legs under my eyes, probably with other parts of the body very pleasant to see... I could fall in love, not about women, but about their body... Sorry, i divagate : i'm only a man.

For these reasons, you know why i prefer read some philosophy books, try to find some intellectual ways to appreciate Truth. It's because if it's a subjective way of thinking, i could turn wrong easily. I trained from child age my brain to look for right in the objective way, especially about concept... Because i know i'm so poor in this particular area of thinking if there is one beautiful leg, attractive boobs, nice arse or other land i want to visit in this special country called 'babe'... It's not only i'm got sex on brain because it isn't, really!! Trust me on this point! Ha ha!, but i consider the most beautiful object in the world is a beautiful woman body... If i see some of them, i only want to shag contemplate her like a true slapper masterpiece. In this respect, you could guess i'm a bastard gentleman. Sometimes, some friends told me i'm so rude polite with women. For this reason, i give a solemn warning :

Bird, i'm so sorry if you think in the seduction way i'm so quick, i don't want to wast my time with a prudish woman romantic, so slow so boring way, i understand! I don't care about know your personnality!. It's my french culture. I only want to fuck discover you, especially your ass spirit. I wouldn't lose take your time so longer if I know you are not able to give a good blow-jobe not the one who corresponds exactly in my sexual desire love dream outlook, but to perceive this, i need to have a deep understanding of your profound personnality. I don't care about your opinions, your ideas or other boring things you want to say, suck! artificial picture of the woman. This take time but short is better, you have to give great head first, after we discuss, i hope you could understand my deep feeling : find the one for my whole life who gives me all i want in the adult way for a short period. Consider my true idea : you need to be comprehensive, if you're not a tart an intellectual woman, with artistic and cultural understanding especially in the porn way you have to change your idea about me and consider an other man. Maybe i'm so hot austere for you. So sorry, we couldn't have together a truly love relationship only a fucking one!.

I'm so happy to discover myself here. I hope some sincere woman who think i'm a nice man could know now if i'm the right one for her, or not. If you agree with my point of view, you could send me an email if you're close to Lille, north of France (London for example is very close, only one half hour by train). Before, we need to correspond together, using mail by preference if you're chinese is better, in every case, send me a snapshot of you. I could more appreciate if you're naked in an explicit attitude. Special thanks for your understanding.

Romook, well-educated man

dimanche 8 octobre 2006

Software 1.0 available!

I'm so happy to inform you my software is now a 1.0 version! I decide to stop some specific developments to swtich it as a stable version. There are 2320 lines in my program. I could create some specific cryptographic algorithms or software easily.

I'm very happy to finish it but, in the same time, i have new ideas about this... I want to continue to create some new instructions. After i write my work documentation, probably, i have some time to do it. My life is very different now... in every part... I see my future, and i have no idea of it. It's my actual view of mine. Some others guys could tell me some points of view about it, but i know, reality is like this : no picture. One day by a day, i need to build it by myself. This is the real sense of life, my real sense of it.

Now, i need go back work to finish.

Romook, language creator

samedi 7 octobre 2006

Blog's temporaly closed to braining work...

I'm so sorry, but i haven't time before thursday to write something. I have a little problem about informatic regular expression about Perl. For example, you could have some clear view of my actual brain life seeing this :

## Search about data type




                               my $vars;
my @ssvar;

                              $vars=extrac_var($ligne[$h], VAR);

                                if($s_var[1] ==0){
$type="unsigned char";


                                 elsif($s_var[1] ==1){




                                       print "Unclear problem about data  : $ligne[$h]\n";


I have a little problem, it doesn't work like i want... I like informatics, and you ?

Romook, i will drink a bloody mary : after i could see clearer this kind of problem...