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dimanche 26 février 2006

Beijing : 2 days before the departure

I'm very happy because some friends are visited me to my last "party" before my departure. Just a few time because from the next day, they need to work hardly all the week... Little time, but great pleisure. I think it's really important for me to be with my friends, one last time, because it's a new world for me in few days... Asia, it's my child dream, especially China... Long-time civilisation, history and culture, philosophy... Every part of this country is (for me) a source of admiration. I don't know i will plan my travel. 4 months in Beijing and, after, 10 days for the rest of China I discover today i can travel in some parts of China, not really near from Beijing, but it's not so far from this to be visited in 2 days and i'm sure i can visited a lot of spot around beijing. I can't believe that before... Quick, quick, the time is so slow now...

Romook : i want to be in China now!!

vendredi 24 février 2006

5 days before Beijing

Now, I know in 5 days I will go abroad to China, Beijing. I'm not actually afraid but it's not easy to imagine what I can find in this country. I've seen some pictures, of course... But, the way of life could be so different. And i need to speak chinese... Can I make it easily ? I hope... I'm confident now. Last Tuesday, i 've gone to the china embassy for my visa and I asked someone to have some informaions. This person couldn't speak french, only chinese. After few minutes to decide, I have tried in Chinese and, surprising, she understood me without problem...

Let's go to China


vendredi 17 février 2006

Last evening in England

I feel a litle bad because i will leave this country without a big party to enjoy my departure... Everybody are unfree... One polish girl, very sympathical, want to go with me, but she's ill... I feel i will spend my time on msn messenger... What's a pity. But my host family is really friendly too and prepared a good cooking. Tomorrow, i will leave for a long time. I want to go drink with korean people but my school didin't want to give some phone numbers. Thus, i cannot contact them before they send me an email. I must wait and, now, time is away... I think i failed my pictures of my friends and my english teacher this afternoon : i've forgotten to unloock the autofocus... Poor guy. The most beautiful korean woman i've never seen. Maybe the picture won't be clear!

See you later... In china ?!

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