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vendredi 20 janvier 2006

Yukari !!

Hey! It was a really good party! Thanks to you yukari! I've met some friendly and interesting persons (4 new phone numbers in the same evening!!)...

Now, I understand all foreigners study English here. "What do you make in London ? I'm study English"... That is one part of discussion between two foreigners at the first meeting. This evening : 2 south korean women, one turkish woman, two venezuelians (male and female), one japanese woman, one from slovakia (with french kiss to say "hello" (I've just seen a little fox in my street and, sure, i'm not so drunk), one from czekish republik and 2 others from I don't know because i could speak with every body. Just one last thing, one said to me I have a lovely french accent Thanks to her. And, in the same time, everybody ask me to know why I want study English because I don't need that. 2 choices :first, i'm so bad and it's unuseful to try to learn English... Second, I speak so well with my lovely french accent... I'm not sure for the good choice between the both...

OK, now, I must go in my friendly bed, alone, of course, else, tomorrow, I will be so tired in the course.

Oh! Last news! Jun Yin, pretty south korean woman, will go in Beijing from March to July. I will have one friend China, met in England. Very funny. She speaks well chinese (she lived for three years in China). Hmmmm... It's all for this night.

See you later, dear reader

Romook, bla- bla- bla

jeudi 12 janvier 2006

Bad mood

Today, i've met an hungarian man, very interesting. We have drunk 2 beers in a pub, South Kensington. I have got a new phone number and a new friend. But, where are English friends ?