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jeudi 25 décembre 2008

How could you become a nihilist if you're a good guy ?

What's a nihilist ? For many people, nihilists are only someone who don't trust in the possibility of one philosophy could be better than another. In this respect, these kind of person, who claimed to be "nihilists", are some original and unclever persons because it seems they don't want to have a "true" opinion. In opposite, some of people think the "nihilists" are always someone who disagree with the contemporary society... Both of these opinions are wrong. I have to explain.

Be nihilist is the possibility to know there is no solution for every world or philosophical problems. It's also the possibility to accept every way of mind, because no one is the better one. It depends at anytime from the context. Be nihilist allows you to respect the other in a philosophical way. In this respect, you seem to be more tolerant than you had to be, especially with someone who has an intolerant way of thinking against the most important ideas...

I think it could happen you have some moral rules - in the sense of Kant - and you're also nihilist. If you just keep your moral rule for you, and never shared it with the others, no one could know you respect them. If, in the same time, you explained how poor are every philosophical systems, or - worst - every moral system of rule, then you could be called "nihilist" from everyone.

I am a nihilist who is like Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hide, Jeckyll is the nihilist side and Hide the moral side. In my public relationship, i will be all the time Jeckyll, because this is the only sincere way to discover the truth. But, with my relationship with humans, except to argue about ideas (which in an another world linking with Plato), i need to live and to do some things. If i was only in the world of ideas, i couldn't do something according to the nihilism, because i couldn't make a choice. So, i have to choose some basical ideas to create my own behaviour and act everyday.

After many years of thinking, i understand the most important thing is the trust. From this idea, you can create a lot of different and harmonious system of rules for the relationship with others. In this way, i also study law and prefer contract law, maybe linking with the fact that trust is the reason why law permits to enforce an agreement.

The main problem of the trust is to begin it. How could begin confident in something or in someone ? I ask myself about this point for a long time and my answer is "never". Each time, this is like a bet you make in a poker turn. You can lose it. You can win more than your bet. But, to win, you've to play. My choice was also to trust everyone at anytime, from the first moment i met the person to the moment where he / she could made something wrong. From the wrong time, i couldn't trust anymore and this is finished to "play" with him forever. The poker turn is gone and the bet is lost. To wait for the next one is the only possibility.

At first, i was this moral person and trust everyone. But, in some areas of the life, it's more difficult to trust than other, only because you could lose more than you think. I believe this is the case for a loverelationship. Without trust, you could not create some true, deep and sincere relationship. Everything is based on the trust. But, story after story, disappointment after disappointment, you don't want to give your trust for someone in a loverelationship. You only think it's too dangerous for your life...

One day, you understand you become nihilist. Because you're nihilist, a lot of simple person couldn't trust you. If you don't think some moral rules are necessaries, how someone could give you an important secret or ask you to do something which is essential for him ? It's only because nihilism is not a mirror to the personnality of this person, only a way of philosophy... For simple person, who are not well educated in philosophy, they couldn't understand that and only think you're a bad guy... Because you're nihilist, you know you can make anything you want, according with your moral rules if you had. So, your life seems to be in disorder and without any guideline. You seem to be not a trusty person. That's the fact.

One day, you met a woman. You love her deeply, truly and sincerely. You told her what's your previous life because you think it's the better way to proof she could trust you. But, she is afraid by your previous life... You couldn't say something to explain how you're trusty. You can do anything you want, she will see only the bad side and forget every nice things you make to her. Everything appears to be against you. She doesn't want to make a bet because she thinks she has high possibilities to lose it. You could just ask her to have some time to prove how trusty you are. She hasn't the time to wait... By fears, she would adopt a wrong behaviour with you and your love. The result is you may think she doesn't love you truly. You decide to stop to put money on the poker table. You think you will just lose the initial bet. Everyone lose big for this little problem of trust...

And you become a truly nihilist who is thinking, maybe, trust is not based on everything... You also want to cancel your moral rules. You want to become pragmatic and to continue to think about woman, only in the sex way - because that is the only essential difference with man. You will lose the possibility for a long time to love someone. Next time, you won't be able to give the initial trust. You was a good guy, but you become nihilist, then you are not a good guy...

Romook, "any resemblance with any real character is pure coincidence"

lundi 10 novembre 2008

Thou shall be polite

Previously, i told you about an english book about french manners... "Talk to the snail", Stephen Clarke. I don't resist no more time before i give you a new part of this excellent book. Words are unusefull: just taste it.

"The french are geniuses at being polite while simultaneously insulting you. You've never been put down until you've been put down by a Frenchman. And they do it with such aplomb. They can wish you a good day, call you an idiot and send you sprawling into the verbal gutter beore you can even open your mouth to reply.

I was once queuing at a famous french restaurant that doesn't take reservations because it doesn't need to. A chic-looking American expat, with a smug 'yes i live here' look on his face, sidled to the front of the line and quietly informed the maître that he'd reserved a table for two.

'Reserved a table, Monsieur?' the maître d' replied for the whole queue to hear. 'We don't take reservations. Is Monsieur sure he didn't call the McDonald's on the corner by mistake ?'

He got a big laugh, and presumably lost a customer for life, but couldn't resist the temptation to get in an insult that put the pretentious interloper firmly in his place. The French may claim to livein a classless republic, but they are very keen on keeping everyone in their place. And politeness, combined with extreme rudeness, is often the best way to do it."

I hope you tasted it like me. The whole book is interesting. You have to read it absolutely.

Romook, english reader

vendredi 11 janvier 2008


One of my reader asks me to help her to do something : find some pictures of trees to put in her work. Ania She told me some of my pictures are very nice, so, if I've no time to write something, I could show some pictures... So, have a look.

Greenwich Park, London.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Romook, no time to write...

vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Warning : Official informations

Yesterday, I was ill. And, in the same time, I needed to check my travel in China. Today is the day of my departure. I will arrive in Beijing saturday at 18h (your time). From the airport to my hotel, if I can go inside china... Oops, I have to explain this. There is a litle problem with my passport : my picture is not really fixed. Last travel, I've to prove I was me without other card identity... French customs agents explained to me it was some proof about my passport is true because all the french passport of 2003 have this kind of problem. But, it's difficult to explain it in chinese. Of course, more difficult if someone thinks you've a false passport... To avoid this problem, I decided to switch to an another new, but I haven't time to do it. Unfortunately.

So, from the airport to my hotel, if I can enter in china, I will spend about 2 hours. Go to eat (one hour) and come back and write. Maybe, you'll have my next post "Le vieux libraire", tomorrow around midnight (your local time). If there is no particular problem...

I told you that I was ill yesterday. Maybe, in my flight, I continue to be ill (now, it seems ok). In this respect, perhaps some other people could become ill too. It's very contagious. After few persons sick with me, the airline pilot and the crew could be also not very well. And it could be an explanation if my airplane is crashed. So, I request you if you listen at the TV news an airplane is crashed tomorrow in Beijing, could you inform the police the explanation is certainty because one of the passenger has an gastro-enteritis? Thanks.

In this case, I will stop to write on my blog. I apologize for the inconveniences.

Have a nice day.

Romook, preparing his travel...

dimanche 2 décembre 2007

Lawyers against the Law

In his book "Talk to the Snail", Stephen Clarke has written one chapter about the secret french habits. he began it by "In France, things are done on a 'don't need to know' basis. Unless forced to do otherwise, no one will tell you anything."

This book is very funny because you have some french habits which are caught by the author with ironical writting or black humour. I'm taken one part of this chapter to notice how comic it is.

"French court lawyers all look like abstract sculptors who have been practising on their own hair. They are often interviewed on TV about a case as their client enters or emerges from the courtroom, and they all look like the last person you would want to defend you in a court of law. Unshaven, vaguely psychopathic, totally untrustworthy.
But in fact they are often very astute operators, because they are experts at manipulating French secrecy.
In the British legal system, solicitors are officers of the court and as such are duty-bound to produce any relevant documents in their possession, even if they are harmful to their client. But French lawyers have no such obligation. So what if their client filmed himself hacking his business partner to death? No one else knows about the home slasher movie, so they can plead not guilty. At the same time, these lawyers are more than happy to review all the evidence into a forest of TV and radio mics and then claim that their client cannot possibly get a fair trial because the media keep reporting the case. The moral is, what better person to defend you than someone capable of such beautiful hypocrisy ?"

I'm very pleased to read it. I nod.

Romook, no time to write these last days

jeudi 22 novembre 2007

Zen latrine attitude

During my stay in the latrines, I enjoy to read some philosophy books. Today, one said "The usual actions of the life as to get tup, to get washed, to eat, to walk, to go in the rest rooms, are every faces of the Way." I'm pleased to read it in this particular place. I know I'm walking in the right direction for the Way, staying in the latrines.

Romook, Zen Philosopher

vendredi 16 novembre 2007

Prime numbers are some of my computer friends...

For several days, I have write nothing on this famous place of my blog. Why ? I cannot answer for myself. I just can ask. It wass not because I had many things to do. It wasn't too because I had an hot babes with me. It wasn't for anything else, maybe, I just didn't want to write something. I want to make something different. And for different, I mean exactly - I need to precise to be rigorous - "to make something different". So I did.

I would to write a new program in Perl to do a new add-on for one of my softwares. For that, I need to find some prime numbers. So, one part of my program results are :

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23... 4591,4597,4603,4621,4637,4639,4643,4649... 9871,9883,9887,9901,9907,9923,9929,9931, 9941,9949,9967,9973,10007... 44533,44537,44543,44549,44563,44579, 44587,44617,44621,44623... 61331,61333,61339, 61343,61357,61363,61379,61381... 99881,99901,99907,99923, 99929,99961,99971, 99989,99991,100003,100019... 199921,199931,199933,199961,199967, 199999,200003,200009,200017,200023 ... 499969,499973,499979, 500009,500029,500041,500057...etc...

You can note that was a very funny time to find the prime numbers from 2 to 1999979 (I have nobody to play with me, so I use my computer like my contemporaries).

If someone is interested in my results, to give a prime numbers as a christmas gift for example, I have a lot of them. I didn't count them, but I can count too. Exactly, it could be nice to do a new program to count my found prime numbers (the file is around 1,1 Mo on my floppy disk)...

I'm not dead. I just make some pleasant game with my computers : don't be afraid, dear reader :-)

Romook, crazy mathematician
PS : Today's evening, I will go in a concert at La Madeleine (59, near Lille), listen the music of Telemann, 20h30, Saint-Vital Church, performed by chamber orchestra Aliamens, free entry : everyone are welcome!

mercredi 24 octobre 2007

These last days...

I was very tired these last days and I didn't find some little powers to write something interesting. I had just installed some new operating system on a new computer. Sometimes I think I was very strange in this way... I explained to all my friends "Linux is better than Windows" (in everyway than Windows Vista :-( ), and I spent many days to have a perfect operating system as linux (mandriva, the last version). But... But... How can I explain? After few days, I just noticed I can not write in chinese. So, I need to switch my Linux OS for the common one. And I think I lost my time for few days.

It was just to write something. In this way, you know I'm not dead. Notice I will go in Germany for the week-end, beginning friday. Unfortunately, you won't have new post for the week end I'm afraid of. More patient you will be, more interesting will be my future post. Hmmm... I hope so too.

Romook, tired mind

mardi 25 septembre 2007

One gift for you, my friend

I'm so happy to be in China now. This last evening was a festival in the Wuhan University and some very good musicians and dancers made marvellous performances. I was so much pleased to be invited by my students. One of the most important director, who is also my friend, has given me one beautiful and tradional chinese gift. He said : "One gift for you, my friend."

It's for me a great pleasure to present you that :

Isn't it beautiful ?

Romook, what's a nice country

samedi 15 septembre 2007

I'm arrived in Shanghai

I'm arrived in shanghai today. Weather is a litle bit hot (around 27°C), but that's ok. All is perfect : my flight neighbor was a spanish woman, who didn't speak french, neither english or chinese... Unfortunately, she stank a lot and didn't understand she and her child needed to sleep to be dynamic at the arrival. So, I couldn't sleep. That upsets me a lot because I would have the reste all the afternoon... But, essential is I'm arrived. So, you know the true. Don't be surprise if I blog something about China.

vendredi 7 septembre 2007

How to turn a good girl bad...

How to turn a good girl bad

Something I liked, when I was in London, was to read the london tube newspapers during commuting. It's as I was student, this special school where I read every morning the free newspapers "20 minutes" and made competitions with other schoolmates during the class about crosswords. I know... You can fell I was a bad student. But, in my mind, it wasn't. Just bad teachers and some old informations I learned before... So, my newspaper made me quiet. I was a model student during my reading, as silent as the teacher could expect... After the classroom, everyday I used to drink beers debate of the most important point of the day lessons.

So, in anyway, for the days I was in London, I kept some free newspaper and I just spoted that. What could I see ?? Some strange article about a sex academy, in the center of London ? So, I thought immediately it was very important to give this information to Ania, who always wants to know some new interesting things (about sex obviously). In this respect, I found this article on the website of this newspaper. Everyone could taste that now. Isn't it good?

Romook, United Kingdom's reporter

mardi 28 août 2007

Romook's stress

Why Romook didn't write anything these last days ? What's a good question? Is it because he was prisoner in an Afghanistan jail ? Or three women have kept him in a sex round for many days ? More simply, maybe it's only because his computer is broken... Definitely not.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a job in London and I need to prepare a litle bit my speech. In the same time, I have to precise I'm also stressed. It's not very important for my future, I guess, but there is a long time I haven't use english with natives. I'm sure there is no problem, but you know how are the French... They have complex about speaking english. After few months abroad, I know I can live through this kind of situation without difficulty. But, but, but... Speaking a foreign language is like a sport, if you don't train it, you will lose your level. So, I truly ask myself to know what I'm able to do. This last year, I only use french and chinese. So, when I should to speak in english, in rare case which I need to do, my brain go through this way : french to chinese, chinese to english. Sometimes, I created some new words in chinglish... The worst situation is when I spoke with a chinese people in english. My brain turned on chinese and didn't want to switch on english. Tomorrow, I will get luck there is some chinese native speaker during this London meeting... Just to check my chinese, I guess...

So, I'm very sorry, dear reader, if I take my time for myself and didn't give you your daily intellectual foods... Next days would be better, I have some posts in mind and when this meeting is passed off, I will get the time to write for you.

Romook, on the grill...

dimanche 26 août 2007

Strange post : the backdated post 2

I think it could be a nice game to make sometimes new ancient post and to drive my readers in a labyrinth of backdated posts... Maybe, it could be amuzing to give some informations for the LIAR (for example), but, these informations could be find only in the past. How mad is this blogger?, you could ask yourself... Definitely you're right.

Probably, I need to meet a web doctor to explain I've mental illness about my blog : I don't want to publish some new posts in the future, but only in the past... Like I want to rewrite my experience or my life. I could name my illness the backdated déjà vu.

What's the idea ? When I write something on my blog, usually, it's to point some news around me or my feelings, or a new idea I caught in the day... So, briefly, I write something which has a span between me and the reality. I can sometimes write something to be publish after, in the case which I guess something could happen. By the way, I can write something after an event to mark it, to let a view - even if it's a very personal view and no one except me can understand... But, now, I will make a progress in the blog's writing technics because I will write something new in the past, only in the past, with or without link with the present.

I know what I mean when I write something to be linking with the present, even it will be publish in the future. But, what does it mean exactly if I write something new for the past? It's like rewrite my own past. So, it's backdated. This is ok on this point. Why I use déjà vu ? Because when I read it after, I couldn't understand exactly what I meant. This was in the past, with no link include in the present reality of this past... It could be strange like a déjà vu...

Now, I create a new illness for the IC century, and only for blog... I'm a creator as I want to become when I was young. Dream is reality... My own reality...

Romook, freeze hot blogger...

samedi 4 août 2007

Strange post : the backdated post

Today is tuesday 28th august in the evening. I'm tired and, tomorrow, I will go in England - at London precisely - to take my chance getting a job. Usually, I write my post before the date they are published. So, I have sometimes two or three post written, waiting to be online. It's very interesting. But I like symetrical things and I remark today, if you read my blog's calendar, from up to down, line by line, you shall discover there is two posts by vertical lines, but not for the 4th, the 26th and the 30th august...

For the 30th, I've written it today, so I don't need to be anxious about that. But for the 4th and the 26th, there is no way! It's the past and I can just make some new ancient posts to have them at these days. The first is this one which I explain - now, actually, you read it - i needto backdate some posts... Two exactly...

The problem is no reader can discover this, because there are no one to want read my ancient posts. If it's a new reader, maybe, randomly, he could get an ancient - just to see. But, if it's a regular, he just want to catch the new one, the last post...

So, dear reader, if you detect I have made this post - write a comment to explain how you discover it. If there is no comment, it's because no one before you read it...

Romook, mad blogger...

jeudi 2 août 2007

Moving professional life 2

I've found some middle-way between to stay working in France or go across the Sea. Just having an english part-time job seems to be an interesting solution. Today, I just asked this person if he has any interest in my offer. He replied immediately he needs to think about it (I offer one week a month).

In this moving world, maybe I will travel more just to work (North of France, England and China).

I'm calm about this new situation because I have all I need to work in these countries : an umbrella.

Romook, singing in the rain

mardi 31 juillet 2007

Moving professional life

I have some changes in my professional life. I just finish to speak with an english man who lived and worked in London (his job is similar as mine). He said there are a lot of chances for a man like me to have such an interesting job in London. But, you know, dear reader, I really enjoy my life here and it was a choice to be in Lille. Neverthless, i cannot say this idea to go across the sea isn't interesting. It depends maybe about the conditions. I have to think about it.

I know I could have some very good opportunities in London to do a kind of work I really enjoy. But, but, but... The life in London isn't very funny as I remember. See my blog in january and february 2006 and you could understand what I want to explain... So, I don't know. Live abroad could have some interesting faces for my mind. I know it. Perhaps, it could be an open door on the other professional landscape. Need to think about it, Romook, need to think about it...

I have to confess I really like to beat against challenges. Go abroad is one of the biggest mountain to climb for me. Especially if it is for professional life because you cannot anticipate if it' for a long time or for a short time. So, all need to be check to avoid some problems... But, future is future and never one is able to expect all.

I will think seriously about this idea to go abroad. Hong Kong is an ancient colony of the Crown... The link with China is a common way... Expect project, Romook, expect project...

Romook, thinking about his future...

lundi 30 juillet 2007

Deleted msn blog

Today, I delete my msn blog. It was the "father" of this. Now, I know it is important to turn the page of this period. Why ? Probably because all I begin need to switch one day in another thing. So, it was a litle blog on msn. After, I realized it was not a good tool to explain all I want. I changed for here. Now, for all my visitors, everyone can let a comment.

But I 've seen a lot of them who said "not using msn, not able to write comments" didn't write something here. But, this change was a good experience. I'm looking for a new picture of my blog (I like Bob the sponge, but it's not mine)... and i didn't find a new marvellous one. Need to be more patient. Maybe it's because my blog is a journal more than a blog and I have no idea about what the view of my blog is. Some visitors could help me to find some new ideas perhaps. Neverthless, I know I need to create my own space. So, foreign ideas will stay like foreign ideas and couldn't become mine... Maybe, one day I understand what I want... Now, you've only one blog called romook. Me too, of course.

Romook, blog destructor

Complementary reflexion about driving behaviours

Yesterday, I told you about specific unwritten rules in Poland. So, I could give you an explanation found in a book called "Watching the English", from Kate Fox (I liked this book). In page 7, the author explained in a paragraph titled "Trust me, I'm an anthropologist", something very interesting. All the book is interesting and amuzing, so you need to reach it if you haven't.

"Trust me, I'm an anthropologist

By the time we left England, and I embarked on a rather erratic education at random sample of schools in America, Ireland and France, my father had manfully shrugged off his disappointment over the chimp experiment, and begun training me as an ethnographer instead. I was only five, but he generously overlooked the slight handicap : I might be somewhat shorter than his other students, but that shouldn't prevent me grasping the basic principles of ethnographics research methodology. Among the most important of these, I learned, was the search for rules. When we arrived in any unfamiliar culture, I was to look for regularities and consistent patterns in the natives' behaviour, and try to work out the hidden rules - the conventions or colective understandings - governing these behaviour patterns.

Eventually, this rule-hunting becomes almost an uncouncious process - a reflex, or, according to some long-suffering companions, a pathological compulsion. Two years ago, for example, my fiancé Henry took me to visit some friends in Poland. As we were driving in an English car, he relied on me, the passenger, to tell him when it was safe to overtake. Whithin twenty minutes of crossing the Polish broder, I started to say : 'Yes, go now, it's safe.' even when there were vehicles coming towards us on a two-lane road.

After he had twice hastily applied the brakes and aborted a planned overtake at the last minute, he clearly began to have doubts about my judgement. 'What are you doing ? That wasn't safe at all! Didn't you see that big lorry ??' 'Oh yes' I replied, 'but the rules are different here in Poland. There's obviously a tacit understanding that a wide two-lane road is really three lanes, so if you overtake, the driver in front and the one coming towards you will move to the side to give you room.'

Henry asked politely how I could possibly be sure of this, given that I had never been to Poland before and had been in the country less than half an hour. My response, that I had been watching the Polish drivers and they all clearly followed this rule, was greeted with perhaps understandable scepticism. Adding 'Trust me, I'm an anthropologist'. probably didn't help much either, and it was some time before he could be persuaded to test my theory. When he did, the vehicles duly parted like the Red Sea to create a 'third lane' for us, and our Polish host later confirmed that there was indeed a sort of unofficial code of etiquette that required this.

My sense of triumph was somewhat diluted, though, by our host's sister, who pointed out that her countrymen were also noted for their reckless and dangerous driving. Had I been a bit more observant, it seemed, I might have notices the crosses, with flowers around the base, dotted along the roadsides - tributes placed by bereaved relatives to mark the spots at wich people had been killed in road accidents. Henry magnanimously refrained from making any comment about the trustworthiness of anthropologists, but he did ask why I could not be content with merely observing and analysing Polish customs : why did I fell compelled to risk my neck - and, incidentalluy, his - by joining in ?

I explained that this compulsion was partly the result of promptings from my Inner Participant, but insisted that there was also some methodology in my apparent madness. Having observed some regularity or pattern in native behavioour, and tentatively identified the unspoken rule involved, an ethnographer can apply various 'tests' to confirm the existence of such a rule. You can tell a representative selection of natives about your observations of their behaviour patterns, and ask them if you have correctly identified the rule, convention or principle behind these patterns. You can break the (hypothetical rule), and look for signsof disapproval, or indeed active 'sanctions'. In some cases, such as the Polish third-lane rule, you can 'test' the rule by obeying it, and note whether you are 'rewarded' for doing so."

So, I need to add I haven't seen these flowers bordered the road. Thus, You need to know these rule is not apply on every road. The main road - national perhaps - have some urgent lane. So, the roads are more bigger than ours. It could explain this particular rule of driving behaviour.

Romook, ethnologist driver ?

mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Cancion del Emperador, Luys de Narvaez


This is the song "Mille Regretz" of Josquin Desprez, a french composer :

Mille regretz de vous habandonner,
Et deslongiers vostre fache amoureuse,
Jay si grant doeul et paine doloreuse,
Quon my verra brief mes jours definer.

Now, you could listen the transcription of a 4 voices polyphonia, based on this song, which was made for vihuela by Luys de Narvaez (1538). This is one of my favourite piece.

I recorded myself because I don't want to infridge some legal right. So, it's my guitar mourns some desperated loves...

Romook, sometimes guitar player...

jeudi 18 janvier 2007

Just a reflexion about humour...

I'm reading "Stupidity", a book of Avital Ronell (I told you about her before). This book explains why "stupidity" is a big philosophical problem. While I read, I ask myself about foreign people. I think you have a way to know what these think truly about you : the joke-test.

You could make a joke with foreign persons. If you understand their culture, you know if they could understand this like a joke. Or, sometimes, they didn't laugh, just explained why you didn't understand something... Or then didn't reply (the worst!!). Just a big silent. So big.

First at all, you could ask yourself if your pronunciation is right. So, if there is no more problem to communicate with you in other ways, you know it wasn't. Terrible, that sounds terrible.

Secondly, in the bad case they explained to you something you seemed not understand, you know they just think you are not able to make a joke, but you're able to understand why you're wrong.

Thirdly, this is the worst case : they just kept silent. Like they haven't listened something. This meaning is they just think you're so stupid. And, they didn't want to explain something because you're not able to understand. They think your mind's agility is so poor. So, in this case, you seem just as stupid people. And there is no way to exit. If you've explained before your humour, they just kept in mind, you're stupid and they didn't want to make an effort to explain. If you haven't explained before, you could try.

The better case, you're with stupid people, they didn't understand your hability or your mind. In my experience, I give you an advice, just make joke for you : they couldn't understand and, after a joke, you're just more stupid in front of them. So, just believe it's a funny moment to have some people think you're stupid because they are...

And, this joke-test is available with people who live in your country. More funny...

Romook, sometimes it's difficult to have relationships with stupid persons