I learnt play Omaha's poker. I tried online some games, just to have fun... I'm very surprised by this play game because it was very interesting to have to think about a lot of possibilities in the same time. It's like a chess or a go game. At Old'Hem poker, you just have two pocket cards. On this sort of game, you will have four. But, as not an old' hem game, you need to use two pocket cards. You're not able to play only the board. It's two on your pocket cards and three on the board. So, at the firts time, if you want to know if you have a good hand, you need to make four evaluations.

You will play two cards on four. So, in this respect, you have the first card (A) + the second card (B) + the third card (C) + the fourth card (D) => (AB) / (AC) / (AD) / (BC) / (BD) / (CD). First step, you need to know if these two pocket cards are good. For me, I make a value of this kind of cards, one by one, and after in a whole. If i have four valuable on six playing cards (like in Old 'Hem), I play my hand. Else, I fold it. After, when you see the flop, you have a very interesting experience. At each new cards on the board, you have an opportunity to consider this new position... I can understand, it could be complex and boring for some players, but I think it was a great experience.

Romook, try it!