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samedi 28 avril 2007

Royal - Bayrou : Introduction

Miss Royal has said she wanted a political rounding-up about the french peoples. She wanted to break the french political life habits about two blocks (left and right), which have to run for the government power. It's exactly the same as the SARKOZY's ideas. As I listened, Mister Bayrou agreed with this idea. So, at all, I think every candidat are agree on this point. For french electors have to be please with that.

Mister Bayrou explained he didn't want to follow Ségolène Royal, for this election or after... In any way, he didn't want to make that. I think it's very nice idea about his electors. He respects them : that's a honest man.

Miss Royal used one sentence of Nicolas SARKOZY : "Je veux être en dialogue direct avec les français." Mister SARKOZY said it four days ago at the tf1 channel.

Miss Royal wanted to make some reforms about institution, some of them are the same as SARKOZY's reforms.

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vendredi 20 avril 2007


... j'avais quelque chose à écrire, je n'hésiterai pas. Ne vous inquiétez pas : tout va bien.

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