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vendredi 11 janvier 2008


One of my reader asks me to help her to do something : find some pictures of trees to put in her work. Ania She told me some of my pictures are very nice, so, if I've no time to write something, I could show some pictures... So, have a look.

Greenwich Park, London.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Romook, no time to write...

vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Warning : Official informations

Yesterday, I was ill. And, in the same time, I needed to check my travel in China. Today is the day of my departure. I will arrive in Beijing saturday at 18h (your time). From the airport to my hotel, if I can go inside china... Oops, I have to explain this. There is a litle problem with my passport : my picture is not really fixed. Last travel, I've to prove I was me without other card identity... French customs agents explained to me it was some proof about my passport is true because all the french passport of 2003 have this kind of problem. But, it's difficult to explain it in chinese. Of course, more difficult if someone thinks you've a false passport... To avoid this problem, I decided to switch to an another new, but I haven't time to do it. Unfortunately.

So, from the airport to my hotel, if I can enter in china, I will spend about 2 hours. Go to eat (one hour) and come back and write. Maybe, you'll have my next post "Le vieux libraire", tomorrow around midnight (your local time). If there is no particular problem...

I told you that I was ill yesterday. Maybe, in my flight, I continue to be ill (now, it seems ok). In this respect, perhaps some other people could become ill too. It's very contagious. After few persons sick with me, the airline pilot and the crew could be also not very well. And it could be an explanation if my airplane is crashed. So, I request you if you listen at the TV news an airplane is crashed tomorrow in Beijing, could you inform the police the explanation is certainty because one of the passenger has an gastro-enteritis? Thanks.

In this case, I will stop to write on my blog. I apologize for the inconveniences.

Have a nice day.

Romook, preparing his travel...