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mardi 28 août 2007

Romook's stress

Why Romook didn't write anything these last days ? What's a good question? Is it because he was prisoner in an Afghanistan jail ? Or three women have kept him in a sex round for many days ? More simply, maybe it's only because his computer is broken... Definitely not.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a job in London and I need to prepare a litle bit my speech. In the same time, I have to precise I'm also stressed. It's not very important for my future, I guess, but there is a long time I haven't use english with natives. I'm sure there is no problem, but you know how are the French... They have complex about speaking english. After few months abroad, I know I can live through this kind of situation without difficulty. But, but, but... Speaking a foreign language is like a sport, if you don't train it, you will lose your level. So, I truly ask myself to know what I'm able to do. This last year, I only use french and chinese. So, when I should to speak in english, in rare case which I need to do, my brain go through this way : french to chinese, chinese to english. Sometimes, I created some new words in chinglish... The worst situation is when I spoke with a chinese people in english. My brain turned on chinese and didn't want to switch on english. Tomorrow, I will get luck there is some chinese native speaker during this London meeting... Just to check my chinese, I guess...

So, I'm very sorry, dear reader, if I take my time for myself and didn't give you your daily intellectual foods... Next days would be better, I have some posts in mind and when this meeting is passed off, I will get the time to write for you.

Romook, on the grill...

jeudi 2 août 2007

Moving professional life 2

I've found some middle-way between to stay working in France or go across the Sea. Just having an english part-time job seems to be an interesting solution. Today, I just asked this person if he has any interest in my offer. He replied immediately he needs to think about it (I offer one week a month).

In this moving world, maybe I will travel more just to work (North of France, England and China).

I'm calm about this new situation because I have all I need to work in these countries : an umbrella.

Romook, singing in the rain