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mercredi 16 août 2006

Under pressure...

What's about others, far from me?

Romook, alone?

samedi 5 août 2006

Feeling of moon

Romook is gone away from China, gone back France... After some days who he has professionnal meeting, he found a job : a 'goood' job...

In the same time he works, he builds some new websites (6 in the whole, whith 2 in three languages : french, english and chinese...) to do business for this new job.

It's so difficult to do these after his job : he is very tired. Two days ago, he decided to do sport (squash) with his cousin. Now, he feels like an old man as he is seventy years old. Everywhere in the body, there is a painful place. So long time without do sport, nature wants to take a revenge This morning, he wants to run but it's impossible because this is not a body he has, just muscles like wood.

He needs to read a lot of book too in special areas : law, international trade and about china... It's very interesting but it takes a long time. There is no time to work his foreign languages like english and chinese. Moreover, one friend (Kai Ye) has said after few days in France, there is no problem to speak or write in english. Romook notes everyday he could speak or write some "englinese". For chinese, there is no problem to write or speak sometimes with other person. this is the reason why Romook needs to make an effort and writes something in his blog to give news. Sorry for his blogreaders, it could be boring The first reason why it could be not so interesting is his english is not good. To make humor, it's like a mental handicap. For Romook is mental distress... The second reason is his new life is very interesting for him, but he cannot speak about that (professionnal secret). Except his job, nowadays, there is nothing. This is a good reason to write nothing. But, to make exercise, he needs to bore readers. If you want, you can just look in one minute this page on your computerscreen and go away... He could understand and have a big pleasure to see some visitors interested about his life. Or, if you want to be a very good friend, you could stay more time. To spend it, you could just open this page, and in other screen, visit others websites. In this way, for you it's very interesting i guess. For him, it's very very important and good: he could feel he has some very sincere friends.

Unfortunately, it doesn't exist one software to generate automatic coments on blog. Else, you need to have it and let a little comment on his pages without effort...

See you soon

Romook (is not dead)