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samedi 29 avril 2006

To blog or not to blog

Blogging is an hobby like art (novel, theater) or like write a secret diary show. Both, you need to decide which fact, which information, you want to look... Finding a characteristic and expanding these - like to see in a magnifying glass - are the most activities of a blogger.

Don't need to be funny. Just write something like your mind works.
Don't need to be genuine. Truth is not the most important thing.
Don't need to be apolitical. Someone disagree wih you could eave or write you're wrong.
Don't need to accept all comments. Sometimes, good and add interesting thing. Sometimes bad and go straight to the bin. Be cruel with comments, these are just words.

In every way, be you, or the part of you you want to show. Like in the life.

Just be a magnifying glass apply on the life, actual or not, dreamed or not, interior or not...

Romook, blog is an art

Beyong mountain

The biggest moutain to cross over is that someone built himself in the solitude of his feelings.

Romook, Where is my biggest moutain?

vendredi 28 avril 2006

Who Am I ? 20 things about me...

Some of my blogreaders cannot read in chinese (poor person!). Especially for us, i translate one chinese page in english, but this is not a common way to learn a language. You have to work hardly your chinese!
Then, i guess a lot of chinese people want to know me, probably 800 000 000...

1 My name is Yang2 Fa3 long2 (you can exercise your tones now...)
2 I'm lucky people, hmmm... I would say i'm french.
3 I can speak french (of course), english (you could test (taste?) it now), mandarin chinese (hmmm i hope so) and polish (i forgot a lot!)
4 I'm 30 years old. Please say nothing.
5 I'm language student in Beijing. My university is named shoudutiyuxueyuan. But, in France, i have a work but i don't want to tell which one... Not very interesting i guess...
6 I like thinking. It's the reason why i like play Go. But, here, i learnt this game is for old person...
7 I like so much calligraphy, classical music (i compose too), writing poems, reading, taking picture... I like all forms of art. Nevertheless, one said calligraphy is an hobby for old man...
8 I think China is really beautiful. Chinese people are very kind. I have many chinese friends (a lot of women, I don't understand why...)
9 My chinese teacher told me i'm very clever and very cute... but not my chinese is very good. I can't understand ;-)
10 I surf on internet
11 I have a little sister.
12 I have... girlfriend... I don't remember :-)
13 I like go for a walk and visit beautiful place.
14 I drink beer, brandy, all kind of alcohol...
15 I don't smoke. Sometimes, maybe.
16 Sport is good for health. I do squash and running. But, in Beijing, i don't sport. Someone wants to play squash with me ?
17 Every day I believe life is wonderful : i'm optimist
18 I like help someone.
19 I want to speak chinese because i want read chinese version of Dao De Jing of Lao zi
20 Meet some new people : in every way so intesresting. But, i haven't time to meet them

Maybe i'm old man because i like calligraphy and play Go. Who can say it?

Romook, say something boring for everyone

Eternity, sexual concept?

Eternity's idea cross the mind of man when he looks, for the first time, a woman undresses herself.

Romook, when could I flirt with eternity next time?

jeudi 27 avril 2006

Short news

Then, my examinations are finished. I could say i'm happy, but i know the week is not finished. Sunday, i will go to an another university to give course. I need to prepare a lot of things. Short time, long preparations : bad cocktail to make something good. I have no choice :-(

This weeks, there were 5 examinations, one very bad (God didn't bless me), one not so bad, but not so good and three very good.

Wait and see


mardi 25 avril 2006

Calligraphy : 主笔, main stroke

Today, i had my weekly class of calligraphy (书法).

The teacher spoke about a very interesting thing to have some beautiful characters (汉字) :find the main stroke (主笔). To my question, how can I recognize it? The answer was it's the stroke you could have more longer than others and it's beautiful. Hmmm. .. What's the meaning ? You need to write every characters in different ways? No, because, for each character, there is only one main stroke (主笔). It could not be your choice. Hmmm.... I understand now each chinese person could find it easily because everywhere in the street you have some different writing for the same character and they have to know this without learning it. And what's about me ?

I will write a lot of hanzi and, after, could be useful to understand it. Never i would think as a chinese person, i know... No problem. No one wants i make that.

羊法龙, life is a game without player

dimanche 23 avril 2006

Linguistic explanation (语说明)

I saw some of my visitors can not speak french and don't understand my blog. What's a pity! This a great pieceful of the modern art, i know, and i want all my visitors could understand. For this, i made a choice to create some of my pages in english, french and chinese. For that, you could check on the right side of this page, the appropriate category: english, chinese (中文) or another category for french. With that, i know i could have around 3 milliard of visitors... For myself, i think it's just good enough, because i know i'm so bright and most of the person in the world couldn't know my great life and my adventure around the world, especially now... If you're french and cannot speak english or chinese, don't be afraid, i'm so lazy to create a lot of page in foreign language... If you don't speak french and want to know if i will write some electronical paper everyday, best way for you is to go on here to get some news : i hope you would be a lucky man (or girl... In this case you could let your phone number, especially if you're in Beijing, more beautiful than clever, like Sex as an hobby, speak only chinese (important notice : you mustn't want to learn french or english) and live near my university)!

That's all for this explanation...

Enjoy my blog, visitor, enjoy my blog!

Romook, alias 羊法龙

Human rights, woman right...

Human rights... This western conception of the world is very interesting because the place of a single man against society is the most important thing. One man, a society... Why society could give order to a man? This is the most important question. Everywhere in the world, for long time, the only answer was society could not survive if every men made what they wanted to make... Man is wolf for man. Now, we could listen some law professors said this theory was to be right dictatorship... Like Hobbes... Hmmm... But, if you speak with chinese person who don't know human right and you explain it, they say this is so strange... I like their conception because, for the women, it's the same. Western women, especiallly french women, think they could have some special rights as women rights... So strange i think. If they want this kind of right, probably it's because they are not human... Woman right like animal right? Woman and animal : similar object? That's the real meaning of the women right, i guess In China, that's good because we could be sure a woman doesn't want to have some woman right or human right, etc... Just want to be a woman. That sounds good European women are sometimes wrong because they think it's good for them to claim something. It's not so clever, just funny sometimes. Often boring I hope China doesn't want to have human right else, everywhere in the world, there is no good place for love, just everywhere need fight to find place in the hierarchy romantic relationship...

Human right destroy human relationship, just useful to build pride and selfishness.

Some wants to ask me if i don't like freedom. Freedom is not human right. Freedom is a part of them. But, we could build some other theory with freedom and without man as a center of the world. For example, confucianism is a way to think that. We need to think a new world with a new balance of value. Else, our world will disappear. Environment is the most important thing, now. If we could not understand this, in a short time, we could not survive. Human right, your time is finished, now, it's time to create nature right.