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vendredi 11 janvier 2008


One of my reader asks me to help her to do something : find some pictures of trees to put in her work. Ania She told me some of my pictures are very nice, so, if I've no time to write something, I could show some pictures... So, have a look.

Greenwich Park, London.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Zhongshan park, Beijing.

Romook, no time to write...

vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Warning : Official informations

Yesterday, I was ill. And, in the same time, I needed to check my travel in China. Today is the day of my departure. I will arrive in Beijing saturday at 18h (your time). From the airport to my hotel, if I can go inside china... Oops, I have to explain this. There is a litle problem with my passport : my picture is not really fixed. Last travel, I've to prove I was me without other card identity... French customs agents explained to me it was some proof about my passport is true because all the french passport of 2003 have this kind of problem. But, it's difficult to explain it in chinese. Of course, more difficult if someone thinks you've a false passport... To avoid this problem, I decided to switch to an another new, but I haven't time to do it. Unfortunately.

So, from the airport to my hotel, if I can enter in china, I will spend about 2 hours. Go to eat (one hour) and come back and write. Maybe, you'll have my next post "Le vieux libraire", tomorrow around midnight (your local time). If there is no particular problem...

I told you that I was ill yesterday. Maybe, in my flight, I continue to be ill (now, it seems ok). In this respect, perhaps some other people could become ill too. It's very contagious. After few persons sick with me, the airline pilot and the crew could be also not very well. And it could be an explanation if my airplane is crashed. So, I request you if you listen at the TV news an airplane is crashed tomorrow in Beijing, could you inform the police the explanation is certainty because one of the passenger has an gastro-enteritis? Thanks.

In this case, I will stop to write on my blog. I apologize for the inconveniences.

Have a nice day.

Romook, preparing his travel...

mercredi 24 octobre 2007

These last days...

I was very tired these last days and I didn't find some little powers to write something interesting. I had just installed some new operating system on a new computer. Sometimes I think I was very strange in this way... I explained to all my friends "Linux is better than Windows" (in everyway than Windows Vista :-( ), and I spent many days to have a perfect operating system as linux (mandriva, the last version). But... But... How can I explain? After few days, I just noticed I can not write in chinese. So, I need to switch my Linux OS for the common one. And I think I lost my time for few days.

It was just to write something. In this way, you know I'm not dead. Notice I will go in Germany for the week-end, beginning friday. Unfortunately, you won't have new post for the week end I'm afraid of. More patient you will be, more interesting will be my future post. Hmmm... I hope so too.

Romook, tired mind

mardi 25 septembre 2007

One gift for you, my friend

I'm so happy to be in China now. This last evening was a festival in the Wuhan University and some very good musicians and dancers made marvellous performances. I was so much pleased to be invited by my students. One of the most important director, who is also my friend, has given me one beautiful and tradional chinese gift. He said : "One gift for you, my friend."

It's for me a great pleasure to present you that :

Isn't it beautiful ?

Romook, what's a nice country

mardi 28 août 2007

Romook's stress

Why Romook didn't write anything these last days ? What's a good question? Is it because he was prisoner in an Afghanistan jail ? Or three women have kept him in a sex round for many days ? More simply, maybe it's only because his computer is broken... Definitely not.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a job in London and I need to prepare a litle bit my speech. In the same time, I have to precise I'm also stressed. It's not very important for my future, I guess, but there is a long time I haven't use english with natives. I'm sure there is no problem, but you know how are the French... They have complex about speaking english. After few months abroad, I know I can live through this kind of situation without difficulty. But, but, but... Speaking a foreign language is like a sport, if you don't train it, you will lose your level. So, I truly ask myself to know what I'm able to do. This last year, I only use french and chinese. So, when I should to speak in english, in rare case which I need to do, my brain go through this way : french to chinese, chinese to english. Sometimes, I created some new words in chinglish... The worst situation is when I spoke with a chinese people in english. My brain turned on chinese and didn't want to switch on english. Tomorrow, I will get luck there is some chinese native speaker during this London meeting... Just to check my chinese, I guess...

So, I'm very sorry, dear reader, if I take my time for myself and didn't give you your daily intellectual foods... Next days would be better, I have some posts in mind and when this meeting is passed off, I will get the time to write for you.

Romook, on the grill...

jeudi 2 août 2007

Moving professional life 2

I've found some middle-way between to stay working in France or go across the Sea. Just having an english part-time job seems to be an interesting solution. Today, I just asked this person if he has any interest in my offer. He replied immediately he needs to think about it (I offer one week a month).

In this moving world, maybe I will travel more just to work (North of France, England and China).

I'm calm about this new situation because I have all I need to work in these countries : an umbrella.

Romook, singing in the rain

mardi 31 juillet 2007

Moving professional life

I have some changes in my professional life. I just finish to speak with an english man who lived and worked in London (his job is similar as mine). He said there are a lot of chances for a man like me to have such an interesting job in London. But, you know, dear reader, I really enjoy my life here and it was a choice to be in Lille. Neverthless, i cannot say this idea to go across the sea isn't interesting. It depends maybe about the conditions. I have to think about it.

I know I could have some very good opportunities in London to do a kind of work I really enjoy. But, but, but... The life in London isn't very funny as I remember. See my blog in january and february 2006 and you could understand what I want to explain... So, I don't know. Live abroad could have some interesting faces for my mind. I know it. Perhaps, it could be an open door on the other professional landscape. Need to think about it, Romook, need to think about it...

I have to confess I really like to beat against challenges. Go abroad is one of the biggest mountain to climb for me. Especially if it is for professional life because you cannot anticipate if it' for a long time or for a short time. So, all need to be check to avoid some problems... But, future is future and never one is able to expect all.

I will think seriously about this idea to go abroad. Hong Kong is an ancient colony of the Crown... The link with China is a common way... Expect project, Romook, expect project...

Romook, thinking about his future...

mardi 5 juin 2007

Illness doesn't want to leave me alone

When I was just arrived in France, I wanted to be quiet and to have a rest, like in hollydays... But - yes, there is a "but" - it couldn't be possible because illness came and toke me with it in its way... Or more i could say "i should have a rest"... So, now, i cannot write, just because I'm ill. I hope i will be better in few days.

When I'm ill, i have no inspiration to write something funny or sad, just I want to be quiet. Then, my blog is too.

Romook, handkerchief in a hand

vendredi 9 mars 2007

Read in an agreement...

I've read in a agreement, made in english, a strange clause... Inside this contract, you find somes articles about how to do the purposes of this, and in which time you need to perform this. Naturally, you have an article which explains how make if there is an event stopping one party to perform his obligation. In this case, you need to have more time, of course.

Which cases ? That's very funny to read it, under the french law I think. This contract is in english, but under the french law, so I guess the guy, who writes this, has made a copy from an english contract... For the reason of civil wars, terrorism, strong wheather and many others events, the parties need to wait for the performance. Just one event need to be underline : Act of God. Truly, I read it. So, I ask myself what's an Act of God behind the French Law in a commercial agreement ?

I appreciate a man who have imagination to write new clauses in an agreement. Act of God, it's very nice idea, but, maybe, not very usefull facing the French Law. About the English Law ? I just can answer it depends of the judge's ideas ;-)

Romook, sometimes lawyer

mardi 13 février 2007

Premonitory dream

I dreamed about a big burned house. I saw it in the dark night, with a lot of people were visiting it... I think it's so strange, so uneasiness... Later, I was in a car with my mother and my sister at night. At the end of a lost road in a campaign, I saw an house and i thought immediatly : "It's déjà-vu!". I explained to my sister and my mother, around this house, maybe there was many peoples. My mother stopped the car. All was like I said. Many strange peoples came in. Bad feeling... They changed our car for an another, more little, less easy-driving. I was afraid. Perhaps there was about thirty persons, with a very dark face...

I'm screaming. I'm sweating. I realize it was just a dream. I saw my alarm clock. Six o'clock facing me, it's ringing. Today, it's hollydays. I will go with my mother and my sister in the south of France. In a old house. I need to prepare my bag for two weeks. So, I get up. I have no time to lose. At nine o'clock, I need to be ready to leave. Today will be a long day. I know we will arrive at night.

Romook, I have a dream...

lundi 15 janvier 2007

Happy to go work...

In the street, you have sometimes, in China, some red sentences like this. It's not an order or an interdiction : red is a colour of happiness in China.

So, this kind of sentence is to remain some good thoughts to chinese people. Translation of this one is : "be happy to go work, and have a safe go home."

Interesting, isn't it?

Romook, social-reporter

vendredi 15 décembre 2006

One depth of 8 centimeters

One friend said to me, yesterday evening, with other persons at the table, her Doctor told her she has one vaginal depth of 8 centimeters. So strange. I think it's very short, isn't it?

Romook, caver

mardi 12 décembre 2006


Dear Home Owner,

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Joke of the day:

bewilder not cockroach a aboveground and conundrum it congestion see altar it's baku and barony in conciliate may blip but contravene see confidant in bourgeoisie or calumny try but in belate see closet on airstrip may coliseum in bevel and commentary or dietetic may astor a committed the avon in comeback be bound may amphibious a

Oh! I think it was a very nice idea to spam me using "Chomsky" in the subject line of a mail. Just I saw it, I wanted to read it. Unfortunately, it was just a spam. But, too late, I've read it...

Romook, spam victim

vendredi 8 décembre 2006

Pepe, nona, mona and the others...

I've gone in Paris yesterday and i've seen this kind of trains which called "RER". I'm so happy to have a rendez-vous with them. It's, for me, like a pleasure to see old friends. In fact, few years ago, I used to go in Paris to have some guitar lesson - especialy in l'Haye les Roses. At this period, I used "RER B" from Gare du Nord to this place. Each time, it was an exciting travel because i found the name of this train very funny. Mine was very often one which his name is "Pepe". So, if you see "Pepe", you can think about me and say : "it was one of Romook's train".

So lovely... ;-)

Romook, like a child ?

lundi 13 novembre 2006

Identity crisis

I saw in other blog the same theme as mine... I have in mind "Bob sponge"... So, you know, dear visitor, i make every day an effort to have a blog with news, original posts, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking... In fact, i work hard for this blog and i'm happy to do it.

Unfortunately, i know there are other blogs which use too the same theme of "Bob". So, i decide to switch it in an another which is properly mine. I need to create it, and i will do it. But, now, i have no idea about which theme... The most difficulties is about my blog social identity. Which kind of image i want to give ? That's the point.

My identity of blogger is a very big problem because i know who i am, but i don't know who you know... I would make a bridge between my own appreciation and yours. So, i need to think about it. I know it's blue background - because my favorite visitor (oh! Ania! How could I write my blog if you are not! But, Fede, i know you're a regular too and i shall give you a special thanks too) like this colour and i agree with her - but after... Just one philosophic sentence? One picture i would draw ? One picture of me ? Each litle part of them ?

I need to have time to think about that, but i haven't unfortunately... But, now, you know what is my profund desire in the lack of my person...

Romook, De Profundis...

dimanche 5 novembre 2006

You will able to understand later...

I read an autobiographic book of Gandhi and, inside, i 've read one part which explained, one day, someone told him something is more complicated than he could understand. He should wait to be older to understand. That's the point, the sentence is : "You will able to understand later...". I listened this sentence when i was younger too. I think it's one of the most stupid sentences which someone could say. I will explain...

When i was 12 or 13 years old, sometimes i asked old person to know something about philosophy or life - like Gandhi in this book - and, then, they answered something like You will understand later... I believe this kind of people didn't know the answer or didn't how they could explain. So, the real sense is they was stupid and they thought I wasn't able to understand. Maybe, at this same age, they couldn't understand and they thought, if, at this step, they couldn't, others people, at this same step, couldn't too... Hmm... So bad reflexion I believe... In fact, if you couldn't swim like a champion, why other persons couldn't be a champion?

However, I think now, if i used this bad sentence with someone, it's only because i was so lazy to explain or if i consider this person who asks me is so stupid to understand the answer... I wouldn't help him (or her) to understand because he (or she) had a lot of wrong idea i need to wash before i could explain the answer. A lot of time for a little answer... Sorry, i couldn't give my time for this. Try to understand alone, thanks.

Only for hot feelings, i know it's different and, in this way, someone needs to have experience. Others intellectual things, there is no link between idea and experience. For me, it is. If you're older than me, this is a special case, but, in this special case, you know i explain why i couldn't explain. So, it's not the same situation.

So, i'm happy I have written it. If you have any question, please ask.

Romook, free learner

dimanche 15 octobre 2006

Air stewardess recruitment in Beijing

Air stewardess recruitment in Beijing

There are some jobs more difficult than others. I think some jobs aren't good for my health. One fo them is this one : judge at a air stewardess-recruiting in Beijing. You would ask me why ? I can give you an answer with ease... But i'm sure if you ask me, you don't know me very closer...

See this picture :

Is it difficult to understand ? If you need to form a jugment, you have to be clear in your mind. Judgment's process have to be dispassionate. Only objective point of view... Hmm... How could make a neutral judgment about chinese women legs ? In this respect, I'm sure I'm very unprofessional... Analogy about this subject is like about artistic pictures. It's so difficult to give a preference because there is no possible competition between artistic points of view. If it's sincere, all artistic ways are available. Know it replies the right way : no choice possible.

One point needs to be more clear, to be explained. If chinese women legs could be considerate like artistic things, they are - in the same time - some attractive objects, which could excite feeling especially in my case. More better parallel is like erotic pictures. For this reason, I think if someone would I make recruitment about air stewardess, i need to decline his offer, unfortunately... Not only because i think i couldn't make a good job, but because i know my hearth couldn't survive this special test. Every day some seductive legs under my eyes, probably with other parts of the body very pleasant to see... I could fall in love, not about women, but about their body... Sorry, i divagate : i'm only a man.

For these reasons, you know why i prefer read some philosophy books, try to find some intellectual ways to appreciate Truth. It's because if it's a subjective way of thinking, i could turn wrong easily. I trained from child age my brain to look for right in the objective way, especially about concept... Because i know i'm so poor in this particular area of thinking if there is one beautiful leg, attractive boobs, nice arse or other land i want to visit in this special country called 'babe'... It's not only i'm got sex on brain because it isn't, really!! Trust me on this point! Ha ha!, but i consider the most beautiful object in the world is a beautiful woman body... If i see some of them, i only want to shag contemplate her like a true slapper masterpiece. In this respect, you could guess i'm a bastard gentleman. Sometimes, some friends told me i'm so rude polite with women. For this reason, i give a solemn warning :

Bird, i'm so sorry if you think in the seduction way i'm so quick, i don't want to wast my time with a prudish woman romantic, so slow so boring way, i understand! I don't care about know your personnality!. It's my french culture. I only want to fuck discover you, especially your ass spirit. I wouldn't lose take your time so longer if I know you are not able to give a good blow-jobe not the one who corresponds exactly in my sexual desire love dream outlook, but to perceive this, i need to have a deep understanding of your profound personnality. I don't care about your opinions, your ideas or other boring things you want to say, suck! artificial picture of the woman. This take time but short is better, you have to give great head first, after we discuss, i hope you could understand my deep feeling : find the one for my whole life who gives me all i want in the adult way for a short period. Consider my true idea : you need to be comprehensive, if you're not a tart an intellectual woman, with artistic and cultural understanding especially in the porn way you have to change your idea about me and consider an other man. Maybe i'm so hot austere for you. So sorry, we couldn't have together a truly love relationship only a fucking one!.

I'm so happy to discover myself here. I hope some sincere woman who think i'm a nice man could know now if i'm the right one for her, or not. If you agree with my point of view, you could send me an email if you're close to Lille, north of France (London for example is very close, only one half hour by train). Before, we need to correspond together, using mail by preference if you're chinese is better, in every case, send me a snapshot of you. I could more appreciate if you're naked in an explicit attitude. Special thanks for your understanding.

Romook, well-educated man

vendredi 29 septembre 2006

Take your time...

Only twenty minutes... So speed! Could I have more time ?

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jeudi 28 septembre 2006

I need one more coffee

I see my coffee's mug. It sees me. We are found in love, especially in the morning. Why? Maybe it is the one thing that i think when i get up. His black eyes seem to say : "open your eyes and see me!"... like a pretty woman wants to be appreciated by his man, every time... This morning, it's very difficult.

What i'm wrong ? Sometimes, this is that way of relationship. A day marvelous, a day so common, sometimes boring... Perhaps i need to change coffee by tea. But i'm not sure i could change my habit. I think it's more easy to have a new woman than switching coffee for the tea in the morning. Isn't it ? Let's go to my happy day of work. So marvelous.

Just before, i need one more coffee. Sorry, i have to leave you to make it.

Friendly yours,

Romook, so busy to write a long time and prefer to have one more coffee : choice of priority in the relationship ;-)

lundi 18 septembre 2006

They said it...

I could have made money this way, and perhaps amused myself writing code. But I knew that at the end of my career, I would look back on years of building walls to divide people, and feel I had spent my life making the world a worse place.

Richard Stallman (2002)

If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.

Robert X. Cringely