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mardi 28 novembre 2006

Coffee time

I like take a morning coffe behind my computer, writing something or reading blogs. But, sometimes, my body is so tired and puts my mind in a dark space. After that, i cannot write some posts because my will leaves me.

This morning is like this case. Yesterday evening, i've played squash (and sunday afternoon too) and, because i've no good training now, i feel so tired, arms and legs hurting me. In this terrible conditions, i need to be very simple in my post. So, you could expect, an hard link between the mind and the body exists and i cannot go against this natural way.

I'm not lazzy, just need to be quiet.

Today, my blog is closed for this reason...

Romook, not so much

mercredi 8 novembre 2006

My last chance...

Tomorrow morning, i will have an exam. No one knows this fact - only three or four persons. I want to become an engineer. So, i give on my blog my feeling about this. It's an important thing for me. I have made no study to become data computer engineer, but i've written three books and there are some engineer students using my books in their school. So, I think i could be one too. The most important thing for me, to pass this exam, is because after i could register me in a doctoral study, in a cryptographic speciality. For my professional life, there is no sense : it's only for my pleasure. Because i'm mad, probably...

So, this evening i feel alone to prepare this oral examination about my work (you know it, i told you when i was in China!!). I've written a cryptographic programming language. It's original, aesthetic and complex. I think it's a good work. But, now, i feel alone in my room. Now, i will return prepare it. It will arrive very quick because I will have it tomorrow morning, nine o'clock... This my last chance to become engineer, after, there is no way. So, now, I go.

Please, turn off the light before you leave. Thanks.

Romook, always student...

jeudi 2 novembre 2006

Reading books...

This evening i've read one book about the difference between Common Law and Civil Law Systems in Europa. I think it's very interesting to read it. I've a lot of new ideas because i know, in China, now is a good time to make a new form of system law.

In Europa, we have a christians tradition of thinking, some human right ideas, but, in every way, it's linked with a certain idea of property, of a man and of a social rule. In China, it's absolutely different. I think some parts of our european - i mean old in this way - world is not the best as it's possible. In this respect, i believe chinese people has a chance to create a new world. The most difficulty is to keep in mind confucianism and european human right has no chance to live together...

If in Europa there is a problem about security - i mean the security of the citizens in the street - it's solely because there is no social rule of respect between the citizens. All way of communication are like a little war with a winner and a loser. Who wants to be the loser ? Everyone wants to be the winner... In this respect, if you're the winner, some other people respect you. In fact, this idea is the base of the insecurity. Some part of European World, in France or in Germany - there is no difference for these kinds of problem - are like a middle-aged clan. The legal rule doesn't exist. It's only a relationship between a winner and a loser. All is ok to win, that's the rule. In China, the most important thing is the social harmony. In this respect, if you want to be a winner, you could only be this if you don't disturb the harmony social rule. If you do it, for others, you're the loser. You lost all.

The great difference between chinese culture and european culture on this point is, in China, you're a good man if you're build by your regular behaviour the social harmony. In our european country, one man can disturb the world, perhaps the world could be showed as a loser. Priority is for the one, for his freedom and other ridiculous things. I think we're absolutely wrong. But, for this moment, China - and chinese gouvernment - is showed like a black sheep, like this country need to change to be more modern. It's not the right way i think.

Human rights are not a good thing. It's a luxury argument to justify destroying our planet, for some great compagnies could be the winner. It's not for a well-ife of the world, it's an economic right. To create a new world, it's possible, but, not for us, european people, because we're sure we've right and other are wrong. But we're not the center of the world. Maybe, now, it's possible, we're this center, economic center, but what's about one thousand of year ? What's about three thousands of year? It's only by luck we're now this center. What's about one thousand after ? If there is...

I need to sleep. So, i'll let you on this dreamed idea... Oh! I need to give you one more information : i dislike football.

Romook, non-human right : which other way is possible ?