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jeudi 25 décembre 2008

How could you become a nihilist if you're a good guy ?

What's a nihilist ? For many people, nihilists are only someone who don't trust in the possibility of one philosophy could be better than another. In this respect, these kind of person, who claimed to be "nihilists", are some original and unclever persons because it seems they don't want to have a "true" opinion. In opposite, some of people think the "nihilists" are always someone who disagree with the contemporary society... Both of these opinions are wrong. I have to explain.

Be nihilist is the possibility to know there is no solution for every world or philosophical problems. It's also the possibility to accept every way of mind, because no one is the better one. It depends at anytime from the context. Be nihilist allows you to respect the other in a philosophical way. In this respect, you seem to be more tolerant than you had to be, especially with someone who has an intolerant way of thinking against the most important ideas...

I think it could happen you have some moral rules - in the sense of Kant - and you're also nihilist. If you just keep your moral rule for you, and never shared it with the others, no one could know you respect them. If, in the same time, you explained how poor are every philosophical systems, or - worst - every moral system of rule, then you could be called "nihilist" from everyone.

I am a nihilist who is like Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hide, Jeckyll is the nihilist side and Hide the moral side. In my public relationship, i will be all the time Jeckyll, because this is the only sincere way to discover the truth. But, with my relationship with humans, except to argue about ideas (which in an another world linking with Plato), i need to live and to do some things. If i was only in the world of ideas, i couldn't do something according to the nihilism, because i couldn't make a choice. So, i have to choose some basical ideas to create my own behaviour and act everyday.

After many years of thinking, i understand the most important thing is the trust. From this idea, you can create a lot of different and harmonious system of rules for the relationship with others. In this way, i also study law and prefer contract law, maybe linking with the fact that trust is the reason why law permits to enforce an agreement.

The main problem of the trust is to begin it. How could begin confident in something or in someone ? I ask myself about this point for a long time and my answer is "never". Each time, this is like a bet you make in a poker turn. You can lose it. You can win more than your bet. But, to win, you've to play. My choice was also to trust everyone at anytime, from the first moment i met the person to the moment where he / she could made something wrong. From the wrong time, i couldn't trust anymore and this is finished to "play" with him forever. The poker turn is gone and the bet is lost. To wait for the next one is the only possibility.

At first, i was this moral person and trust everyone. But, in some areas of the life, it's more difficult to trust than other, only because you could lose more than you think. I believe this is the case for a loverelationship. Without trust, you could not create some true, deep and sincere relationship. Everything is based on the trust. But, story after story, disappointment after disappointment, you don't want to give your trust for someone in a loverelationship. You only think it's too dangerous for your life...

One day, you understand you become nihilist. Because you're nihilist, a lot of simple person couldn't trust you. If you don't think some moral rules are necessaries, how someone could give you an important secret or ask you to do something which is essential for him ? It's only because nihilism is not a mirror to the personnality of this person, only a way of philosophy... For simple person, who are not well educated in philosophy, they couldn't understand that and only think you're a bad guy... Because you're nihilist, you know you can make anything you want, according with your moral rules if you had. So, your life seems to be in disorder and without any guideline. You seem to be not a trusty person. That's the fact.

One day, you met a woman. You love her deeply, truly and sincerely. You told her what's your previous life because you think it's the better way to proof she could trust you. But, she is afraid by your previous life... You couldn't say something to explain how you're trusty. You can do anything you want, she will see only the bad side and forget every nice things you make to her. Everything appears to be against you. She doesn't want to make a bet because she thinks she has high possibilities to lose it. You could just ask her to have some time to prove how trusty you are. She hasn't the time to wait... By fears, she would adopt a wrong behaviour with you and your love. The result is you may think she doesn't love you truly. You decide to stop to put money on the poker table. You think you will just lose the initial bet. Everyone lose big for this little problem of trust...

And you become a truly nihilist who is thinking, maybe, trust is not based on everything... You also want to cancel your moral rules. You want to become pragmatic and to continue to think about woman, only in the sex way - because that is the only essential difference with man. You will lose the possibility for a long time to love someone. Next time, you won't be able to give the initial trust. You was a good guy, but you become nihilist, then you are not a good guy...

Romook, "any resemblance with any real character is pure coincidence"

lundi 8 décembre 2008

Les pieds de l'Empereur !

Romook, Empereur de Mo Am'Gambie

jeudi 4 décembre 2008

Souvenir du Japon

Ce n'est pas parce que je semble absent du blog que la vie de Romook s'est arrêtée... Conformément aux termes du contrat qui me lie avec Ania, voici deux photos d'Himeji (avec des arbres).

Romook, présent : plus vivant que jamais