Previously, i told you about an english book about french manners... "Talk to the snail", Stephen Clarke. I don't resist no more time before i give you a new part of this excellent book. Words are unusefull: just taste it.

"The french are geniuses at being polite while simultaneously insulting you. You've never been put down until you've been put down by a Frenchman. And they do it with such aplomb. They can wish you a good day, call you an idiot and send you sprawling into the verbal gutter beore you can even open your mouth to reply.

I was once queuing at a famous french restaurant that doesn't take reservations because it doesn't need to. A chic-looking American expat, with a smug 'yes i live here' look on his face, sidled to the front of the line and quietly informed the maître that he'd reserved a table for two.

'Reserved a table, Monsieur?' the maître d' replied for the whole queue to hear. 'We don't take reservations. Is Monsieur sure he didn't call the McDonald's on the corner by mistake ?'

He got a big laugh, and presumably lost a customer for life, but couldn't resist the temptation to get in an insult that put the pretentious interloper firmly in his place. The French may claim to livein a classless republic, but they are very keen on keeping everyone in their place. And politeness, combined with extreme rudeness, is often the best way to do it."

I hope you tasted it like me. The whole book is interesting. You have to read it absolutely.

Romook, english reader