For several days, I have write nothing on this famous place of my blog. Why ? I cannot answer for myself. I just can ask. It wass not because I had many things to do. It wasn't too because I had an hot babes with me. It wasn't for anything else, maybe, I just didn't want to write something. I want to make something different. And for different, I mean exactly - I need to precise to be rigorous - "to make something different". So I did.

I would to write a new program in Perl to do a new add-on for one of my softwares. For that, I need to find some prime numbers. So, one part of my program results are :

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23... 4591,4597,4603,4621,4637,4639,4643,4649... 9871,9883,9887,9901,9907,9923,9929,9931, 9941,9949,9967,9973,10007... 44533,44537,44543,44549,44563,44579, 44587,44617,44621,44623... 61331,61333,61339, 61343,61357,61363,61379,61381... 99881,99901,99907,99923, 99929,99961,99971, 99989,99991,100003,100019... 199921,199931,199933,199961,199967, 199999,200003,200009,200017,200023 ... 499969,499973,499979, 500009,500029,500041,500057...etc...

You can note that was a very funny time to find the prime numbers from 2 to 1999979 (I have nobody to play with me, so I use my computer like my contemporaries).

If someone is interested in my results, to give a prime numbers as a christmas gift for example, I have a lot of them. I didn't count them, but I can count too. Exactly, it could be nice to do a new program to count my found prime numbers (the file is around 1,1 Mo on my floppy disk)...

I'm not dead. I just make some pleasant game with my computers : don't be afraid, dear reader :-)

Romook, crazy mathematician
PS : Today's evening, I will go in a concert at La Madeleine (59, near Lille), listen the music of Telemann, 20h30, Saint-Vital Church, performed by chamber orchestra Aliamens, free entry : everyone are welcome!