How to turn a good girl bad

Something I liked, when I was in London, was to read the london tube newspapers during commuting. It's as I was student, this special school where I read every morning the free newspapers "20 minutes" and made competitions with other schoolmates during the class about crosswords. I know... You can fell I was a bad student. But, in my mind, it wasn't. Just bad teachers and some old informations I learned before... So, my newspaper made me quiet. I was a model student during my reading, as silent as the teacher could expect... After the classroom, everyday I used to drink beers debate of the most important point of the day lessons.

So, in anyway, for the days I was in London, I kept some free newspaper and I just spoted that. What could I see ?? Some strange article about a sex academy, in the center of London ? So, I thought immediately it was very important to give this information to Ania, who always wants to know some new interesting things (about sex obviously). In this respect, I found this article on the website of this newspaper. Everyone could taste that now. Isn't it good?

Romook, United Kingdom's reporter