Today, I delete my msn blog. It was the "father" of this. Now, I know it is important to turn the page of this period. Why ? Probably because all I begin need to switch one day in another thing. So, it was a litle blog on msn. After, I realized it was not a good tool to explain all I want. I changed for here. Now, for all my visitors, everyone can let a comment.

But I 've seen a lot of them who said "not using msn, not able to write comments" didn't write something here. But, this change was a good experience. I'm looking for a new picture of my blog (I like Bob the sponge, but it's not mine)... and i didn't find a new marvellous one. Need to be more patient. Maybe it's because my blog is a journal more than a blog and I have no idea about what the view of my blog is. Some visitors could help me to find some new ideas perhaps. Neverthless, I know I need to create my own space. So, foreign ideas will stay like foreign ideas and couldn't become mine... Maybe, one day I understand what I want... Now, you've only one blog called romook. Me too, of course.

Romook, blog destructor