Miss Royal said there are some parts of his president agreement ("pacte présidentielle") about "concentration" (of compagny.)

I explain this notion of concentration of compagny. This is an economical fact which means some compagnies are agreed to work together and create a big one to sell goods on the market. Currently, it's not permitted by law. So, Mister Bayrou replied immediately "I don't know there something like that in your president agreement." Miss Royal said : "there is." Mister Bayrou joked : "Maybe, but there is the second rewriting of your president agreement, so I don't know". Miss Royal disagreed : "It's not true."

About Europe, Miss Royal wanted to give a new "Traité constitutionnel". She said it's possible because she has discussed this with Romano Prodi and others... Journalist asked :"Are you sure it's possible?". She replied : "We should again work on it" (It means it's not possible, but we need to convince others...). I know it is not possible to make this proceeding with the Europe Institution and their rule of proceeding.

Miss Royal wanted to stop the relocation, in the european market, with the east-countries. But, it's not possible in front of European law. Mister Bayrou said it's not a good idea to say european east countries have a responsability of the prblem of relocation. After, she explained it's not exactly the sense of his sentence. She thinks it could be interesting to make a Marshall Plan for the european east countries. Remark : I couldn't understand how she could say, in the same time, French republic will not finance "security professionnal" and other services, will struggle the relocation inside the European Market and finance this kind of countries. There is a nonsense or I'm foolish ?

Mister Bayrou and Miss Royal absolutely disagreed about economic ideas. Ségolène Royal wanted French republic have to finance the problem of the new "professionnal security", labour problems... She explained it didn't mean this idea, but she said the contrary in the meaning. She is smart because she used some sentences with double meanings...

Mister Bayrou has pointed Miss Royal said all as she wanted, one day "white", the next "black"... Especially about the thirty-five hours law. He said two times, "I need to speak about Miss Royal, but which one ? The first who said ... Or the second who said ..."

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