I've read in a agreement, made in english, a strange clause... Inside this contract, you find somes articles about how to do the purposes of this, and in which time you need to perform this. Naturally, you have an article which explains how make if there is an event stopping one party to perform his obligation. In this case, you need to have more time, of course.

Which cases ? That's very funny to read it, under the french law I think. This contract is in english, but under the french law, so I guess the guy, who writes this, has made a copy from an english contract... For the reason of civil wars, terrorism, strong wheather and many others events, the parties need to wait for the performance. Just one event need to be underline : Act of God. Truly, I read it. So, I ask myself what's an Act of God behind the French Law in a commercial agreement ?

I appreciate a man who have imagination to write new clauses in an agreement. Act of God, it's very nice idea, but, maybe, not very usefull facing the French Law. About the English Law ? I just can answer it depends of the judge's ideas ;-)

Romook, sometimes lawyer