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dimanche 7 janvier 2007

Surfing on the chinese net : like a waver

I explained i couldn't use Windows XP, with Firefox or IE, to surf on the net in China, just Linux with Firefox, Mozilla or other browser under Linux. I have changed my hotel and, now, it's better. Under Windows XP, I could surf with IE (very slow and sometimes i can't access on particular websites) and Firefox (more fast and every website I could access in my precedent travels is accessible this time). But, the winner is definitely Linux because my connection is more fast than the twice, Windows XP and Firefox.

But, in this last case, sometimes it's really uncertain and slow...

So, I took the decisions to control comments before publish them.

Romook, in China, on the Net

Warning : comment will be controlled before to be published

Dear Visitor,

During my travel in China, I'm not sure I can speedly control all the comments you could let - you need to remark the word "coud" used in your special case - on my blog. So, in this respect, I decided all the comments need to be approved before they are publish. So, don't be afraid if you see your comment not on line very quickly. Sometimes, it's not the anti-spam gun... Few moment later, you could see it on line.