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lundi 20 novembre 2006

Blog party

I don't understand why it's always on the other blogs, that are more funny than mine. That's a shame for me! I don't understand!! I know, maybe my visitors are more serious than other blogs... Or, my subjects are so boring - no one want to make fun with them. Or, my visitors are so clever and know if they comment my posts, perhaps i will lose all my time in response... Or, they just arrive on my blog by luck from a websearch engine - by luck, really?!... Or, some of them think they could find some very adult post because they have written "blowjob", "sex", or other sweety words... So i don't understand why it's so funny in other place. Perhaps i will just comment other blog - mine is not so funny maybe... Oh, no! I shouldn't say that! I know one little woman in Polonia wants everyday read a new part of my blog - as a new part of my life.

But, what's the reality ? Is it that i dream ? Is it that i've written? Or is it my actual life? For me, there is no hesitation : it's that i've written. I'm more sincere in this case. But, you cannot know if i'm single or not, but there is no difference for me, if you're pretty, hot to trot, know everything a man like and a little bit clever (but not so much!), contact me baby , male or female, lawyer or engineer, rich or poor... Only you can learn how my mind works on many subjects...

Then, now, i will create a new concept i think : it's a blog-party. One day a week, a blogger invite his friends to come on his blog to comment it for an evening. Every week, each man comment an another blog for an evening. That sounds nice, isn't it? This night, it's mine. Come in, come in! You're welcome on my first blog-party!

Let your comment!

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