I read an autobiographic book of Gandhi and, inside, i 've read one part which explained, one day, someone told him something is more complicated than he could understand. He should wait to be older to understand. That's the point, the sentence is : "You will able to understand later...". I listened this sentence when i was younger too. I think it's one of the most stupid sentences which someone could say. I will explain...

When i was 12 or 13 years old, sometimes i asked old person to know something about philosophy or life - like Gandhi in this book - and, then, they answered something like You will understand later... I believe this kind of people didn't know the answer or didn't how they could explain. So, the real sense is they was stupid and they thought I wasn't able to understand. Maybe, at this same age, they couldn't understand and they thought, if, at this step, they couldn't, others people, at this same step, couldn't too... Hmm... So bad reflexion I believe... In fact, if you couldn't swim like a champion, why other persons couldn't be a champion?

However, I think now, if i used this bad sentence with someone, it's only because i was so lazy to explain or if i consider this person who asks me is so stupid to understand the answer... I wouldn't help him (or her) to understand because he (or she) had a lot of wrong idea i need to wash before i could explain the answer. A lot of time for a little answer... Sorry, i couldn't give my time for this. Try to understand alone, thanks.

Only for hot feelings, i know it's different and, in this way, someone needs to have experience. Others intellectual things, there is no link between idea and experience. For me, it is. If you're older than me, this is a special case, but, in this special case, you know i explain why i couldn't explain. So, it's not the same situation.

So, i'm happy I have written it. If you have any question, please ask.

Romook, free learner