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mardi 24 octobre 2006

I'm airline pilot

Sometimes, i see from my blog some clouds, some nice lands and i imagine the visitor's life. Blogging is like an art, you know, i explained it before, but you have to understand clearly what i mean. I want to show you my idea.

My blog is, litle by litle, a master piece of informatic, that's a natural way of developement, of course, because i'm data processing specialist: Informatic is like an art or a religion (but i think, i need to use "and", not "or", that's an another problem). In this respect, each day, i will include some new things to make it better. That's a great pleasure. Now, i'm like a repair man who needs to have a nice motor in his plane. So, after i have some good machine to travel in the sky, so happy to use it. I go inside, wait a few moment i have some free sky, have a good wheather for a little moment, start off my motor, look my way in the face and go to fly!

In the sky, i could more have a recollection and make a choice of the one i want to show, to explain. Perhaps some visitors think i write post by accident about this news or about one subject. Sometimes, it is. Sometimes, it isn't. I think i have my visitors in my airplane like guests : i need to give them some special view of my country. I take their hand and give the way to go on these lovely spots of my mind.

Did you read Gombrowicz's journal ? If yes, you could easily understand what i mean. Else, you need to read it! I have aplan of my way to explain something and i prepare some post few days before to publish them. In this way, you will know there is no innocent accident about my online publication. I have to say the truth : sometimes it's an accident. But, this not the main line of my blog. In every part, this spot is a view of my brain's work thinking.

In this respect, i have to make some choice every day : it's an art. I have to explain other thing. I want to give a new way of thinking to my visitor. To have a result, i need to shock them sometimes. But, maybe my visitors are so free in their mind now because there is no shocking problem i see. So, at first, i want to pilot their mind to a new way : why there is no possibility to make it? So strange, in my life, i shock a lot of person, but, here, there is no problem. Oh! I know! It's easy to understand, someone didn't have to think about something could switch off my blog quickly and go on other... Poor man...

Think about it, and you will find in my blog some new pleasure. After, you need to think why i write this. Here, you have a new door to open. You're welcome! Come, come, i'm so pleased to welcome you in my house's brain.

Innocent writing doesn't exist.

Romook, "there is something in the conscience which is, in fact, a trap for itself" (W. Gombrowicz)

Traduction automatique

Je prends une phrase test. Je la fais traduire en anglais, puis en chinois. A cette étape là, je fais le chemin inverse, c'est à dire retraduire en anglais et, enfin, en français. Voici le résultat.

En anglais :

I take a sentence test. I translate it into English, then in Chinese. With this stage there, I make the opposite way, i.e. to retranslate in English and, finally, French. Here the result.

En chinois :

我接受句子考试。我翻译它成英语, 然后用中文。用这个阶段那里, 我做相反方式, 即, 终于, 重新翻译用英语和法语。这里结果。

Donc, retour en anglais :

I accept the sentence test. I translate it to become English, then uses Chinese. With this stage there, I make the opposite way, namely, finally, retranslates uses English and French. Here result.

Et enfin en français :

J'accepte l'essai de phrase. Je le traduis pour devenir anglais, puis emploie le chinois. Avec cette étape là, je fais la manière opposée, à savoir, en conclusion, retraduit des utilisations anglaises et françaises. Ici résultat.

Bon, ben c'est pas si mal... :-) Mais on préfère quand même un être humain à un robot. Enfin, pour ma part, je préfère...

Romook, à la recherche de la langue