I'm so happy to inform you my software is now a 1.0 version! I decide to stop some specific developments to swtich it as a stable version. There are 2320 lines in my program. I could create some specific cryptographic algorithms or software easily.

I'm very happy to finish it but, in the same time, i have new ideas about this... I want to continue to create some new instructions. After i write my work documentation, probably, i have some time to do it. My life is very different now... in every part... I see my future, and i have no idea of it. It's my actual view of mine. Some others guys could tell me some points of view about it, but i know, reality is like this : no picture. One day by a day, i need to build it by myself. This is the real sense of life, my real sense of it.

Now, i need go back work to finish.

Romook, language creator