I see my coffee's mug. It sees me. We are found in love, especially in the morning. Why? Maybe it is the one thing that i think when i get up. His black eyes seem to say : "open your eyes and see me!"... like a pretty woman wants to be appreciated by his man, every time... This morning, it's very difficult.

What i'm wrong ? Sometimes, this is that way of relationship. A day marvelous, a day so common, sometimes boring... Perhaps i need to change coffee by tea. But i'm not sure i could change my habit. I think it's more easy to have a new woman than switching coffee for the tea in the morning. Isn't it ? Let's go to my happy day of work. So marvelous.

Just before, i need one more coffee. Sorry, i have to leave you to make it.

Friendly yours,

Romook, so busy to write a long time and prefer to have one more coffee : choice of priority in the relationship ;-)