Every day, i'm pleased to feel i live now in Asia. I live especially in China. I realized my child dream... Everything seems perfect - but i know it isn't - and i learn this particular language : chinese. Now, when i walk in the streets, i can read a lot of thing around me and i feel my mind, everyday, has a better hability to understand the reading. It's not just a problem with known or unknown characters. Its sometimes a problem with structure of chinese mind... Grammar is relatively simple but, behind simple ideas, often you can find some complex things. This is the case in chinese.

But, for me, everyday is a new day of happiness. I know i will go back France in 34 days. Now, i'm not sad of that, not afraid. I know this like i know i will get 31 years old next year. It's a fact. After, my love for China will help me in my job to create chinese commercial relations. I have a good understanding of the chinese mind. I don't know a lot of thing about china history, i know some part of chinese litterature or drawing art. I could ake some beautiful calligraphy and i know a lot of chinese proverbs. I think i'm able to say i have a good understanding of chinese mind. 3 months aren't a long time, but i 've created a lot of friendship relation with chinese persons. I 've spoken a lot with my teachers to understand a maximum of idea, and, fortunately, it's not finish... I don't know a part of chinese life: the night chinese life. I think it's not so important. Like everywhere in the world, young persons like have fun. For me, it's excluded i could understand : i have never been young.

Just gone one time in Propaganda, Wu Dao Kou, to see this place and drink some drinks... I don't like night club and, the most interesting thing i saw - in this place - was a very beautiful woman with his boyfriend. She had a strange behaviour. She seemed to have a baheviour like she has been attracted by me... My friend Kai ye were surprised too. Maybe she wanted to sell something that every man wants to taste without difficulties... Never i could know.

Of course, i know a little of business culture relation with my experience of WuHan. And i will improve it with an another in Beijing maybe... Don't speak about that : it's a secret...

I need to give a special thanks for every chinese person who help me in this experience, and they are a lot! Especially thanks for my teacher who are very kind, patient and understanding with my particular life. They need to know it's not for my pleasure if, sometimes, i didn't go to the classroom. It's for my french job! I'm very sad to stay to work in my bedroom rather learn with them chinese. I know it's an unique experience i couldn't have after!!!

Wednesday, i leave Beijing to WuHan, for the second time. I know i won't have time to speak chinese. Only french and english. I hope my english could be more present than now in my mind... Write it, no problem. Use it to speak, i'm afraid only chinese person could understand me

Romook, I enjoy chinese lifestyle!