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samedi 20 mai 2006

China Honta : épisode 11

Et la semaine s'achève avec beaucoup de trépidations dans la vie de notre petit romook. Trépidations qu'il taira puisque peut être trop personnelles. Mais bon, il y a toujours un os à ronger et il est certain que, des choses, il en a à raconter. A se demander d'ailleurs s'il n'en invente pas pourqu'il y en ait autant! Et si notre émission n'était que mise en scène de la société du spectacle!! Aha, Guy Debord semble nous tenir en haleine et...

/ ***


***/ Suite à un incident sur notre plateau, nous sommes au regret de vous annoncer que l'émission qui devait être diffusée maintenant sera reportée à demain. Vraisemblablement la présentatrice a été pris d'un malaise et sera remplacée dès demain. Elle ira dès lundi pointer à l'ANPE.

My poor english...

Yesterday evening, i met a swedish man in my dormitory. He wanted i gave some french music to learn his french language. I know he can speak french, english, swedish and chinese. When he went to ask me, he spoke in english. It doesn't matter i can also speak and understand english. But, what's a surprise i couldn't create good sentences and some of them are with chinese words, especially some words like "because", "but"... I lived for two months in London to learn english - and i think i was successful - and, now, my english is gone away... I'm afraid i need to go back in London but life is so expensive . And, after, what's about my chinese?

After him, i met a chinese girl in wu dao kou (she is blogger and plays pipa, a kind of chinese traditionnal instrument) and sometimes, i couldn't explain my mind in chinese and want to speak in english : it was the same situation. I couldn't express my thought. It was a big effort to create a complete sentence without chinese word.

Why my mind couldn't speak more than 2 languages (french and one other) ? I'm afraid my polish is now gone away too. I couldn't remember some of basic word. Perhaps, if i have some polish book here i could work this a little but, you could imagine my disappointment if i mix sentence with chinese, english and polish words...

I feel alone in my poor mind :-(

Romook, my english is "mamahuhu", wode hanyu not so good, polski nie jest dobry

Interesting way of thinking...

I have a very good experience for my mind now. My blog is in three different languages and i cannot write the same in each of them. In French, i can explain all my mind in different ways : i have a choice. In English, now, it's a little bit strange because i need more time than before to explain something. My words are like sleeping and need to have time to wake up before i can use it... Especially if i speak. Write could be slower and i have more time to translate chinese in english. But, sometimes, some sentence are like spontaneous and i can use it very quickly. I hope it would be more useful in the future. Maybe, i should write every day in english to train my mind. I know although i could try to be witty in english and chinese (more difficult in this respect), it could only be conceptual jokes (so boring man!) not to mention puns... In chinese, it's so different because i have to think differently. Chinese is a particular language and i need to build my thought step by step. To me, an idea can't be created in one sentence, nevertheless it could be possible. My way of thinking is so complex i know. Also, sometimes, french people find i'm so strange because i am able to think complex idea and resume it to one single sentence. So complicated to understand... Writing it is ok, they all can understand it. Speaking is different because someone couldn't read several times...

Another point need to be underlined. Sometimes, according to the language, i explain something in a way which can't be the same in another language. For example, i give more informations about my private life in chinese. Of course, i know i can give it because there are few people who could understand. Why i don't want to speak about these area, about my secrets? So timid Another thing is I know there is some information i couldn't translate because there is no meaning for the culture of this language. I don't want to shock some chinese people too. In french, i could make black humour but in chinese it's not possible. Why? Because we, european person, couldn't make a joke like this, for chinese persons it's not funny. It's like disrespectful for this event. It may be interpreted as wishing bad luck too.

I really like to say something as "if i'm late, probably i'm dead. Don't worry! You could be more free after my funeral." There are some cultural problems. My mind adapts to this as it knows how the culture is. With english and french, there are not a lot of difference for humour, only if you speak about you. But i know, there is no natural briton wants to visit my blog, only adopted briton I could say all i want.

Other point, i don't want a lot of person could know me better than i want. It's the rule of my blog. Especially, sometimes i could tell something strange for these kind of people who doesn't know me very well, but for other persons who know me very good, it's only a joke. It's a good exercise for me to create pages with two levels of understanding. There are two Romooks : one for stranger, one for friend. Perhaps, there is one for intermediate level... I need to create an exam like TOEFL to test my visitors... LIAR (Linking Indoctrination About Romook) ? That sounds good...

Romook, next time an exam on line. To register you, you only need to send me 1 000 € with your name and adress. CB accepted.



艺术家的时候,一边音乐家,一边作家。我写作十一个剧本了。有小说开始但是现在还没写完。。。我也喜欢作曲音乐。。。不可以化生活:很麻烦!我的工作在法国很有意思。但是有很多东西我想学。回国以后,我知道我想中国。。。在这里,我觉得中国象梦。我想再作曲剧本,音乐。我爱:人,音乐, 吃的,什么的。。。有天气有时候奇怪,不太喜欢,但是只一个东西。

对了!在这里是我的照片, 十四年以前,意大利的音乐会,在firenze。。。