I'm french, but i don't like french people abroad... Why? It's very simple : they think they can make everything that they want, like disrespect behaviour, to be impolite and so... Today i'm tired by two french women in my chinese course. Every day, i told them to be more silencious in the class room and to be more respectful with the teacher and the other students. We need to be in a quiet place to listen the chinese language, i believe, because it's very difficult.

In China, for me, it's impossible to find some place where i could speak only in other language than french. Especially during my chinese classroom. It seems strange ? Really? No, because there are these two french persons in this class room. They must speak only in chinese because it's in a chinese course. Yes, of course, it is. But, it's also because it's an elementary rule of politeness to speak in a language which everybody could understand. I'm teacher and i know, in France, if some students speak during the course, only the teacher could stop them. Or try to stop it. But, in China, it seems different. Teacher didn't make that and, with french people, this is the only way for that. If the polite rule doesn't work, someone need to forbid you make that. That's the rule in France.

I want to tell my teachers these students are very impolite in France. But i can't. I'm so ashamed of them.

Today, i was angry. Perhaps, i'm so tired. Tired of what? Chinese characters don't want to go and stay in my mind. It's one reason. Other reason is i'm fed up with my daily speaking about this kind of problem.

It's one point, the most important today, to explain why idon't like french people abroad.

Romook, annoyed...