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vendredi 28 avril 2006

Who Am I ? 20 things about me...

Some of my blogreaders cannot read in chinese (poor person!). Especially for us, i translate one chinese page in english, but this is not a common way to learn a language. You have to work hardly your chinese!
Then, i guess a lot of chinese people want to know me, probably 800 000 000...

1 My name is Yang2 Fa3 long2 (you can exercise your tones now...)
2 I'm lucky people, hmmm... I would say i'm french.
3 I can speak french (of course), english (you could test (taste?) it now), mandarin chinese (hmmm i hope so) and polish (i forgot a lot!)
4 I'm 30 years old. Please say nothing.
5 I'm language student in Beijing. My university is named shoudutiyuxueyuan. But, in France, i have a work but i don't want to tell which one... Not very interesting i guess...
6 I like thinking. It's the reason why i like play Go. But, here, i learnt this game is for old person...
7 I like so much calligraphy, classical music (i compose too), writing poems, reading, taking picture... I like all forms of art. Nevertheless, one said calligraphy is an hobby for old man...
8 I think China is really beautiful. Chinese people are very kind. I have many chinese friends (a lot of women, I don't understand why...)
9 My chinese teacher told me i'm very clever and very cute... but not my chinese is very good. I can't understand ;-)
10 I surf on internet
11 I have a little sister.
12 I have... girlfriend... I don't remember :-)
13 I like go for a walk and visit beautiful place.
14 I drink beer, brandy, all kind of alcohol...
15 I don't smoke. Sometimes, maybe.
16 Sport is good for health. I do squash and running. But, in Beijing, i don't sport. Someone wants to play squash with me ?
17 Every day I believe life is wonderful : i'm optimist
18 I like help someone.
19 I want to speak chinese because i want read chinese version of Dao De Jing of Lao zi
20 Meet some new people : in every way so intesresting. But, i haven't time to meet them

Maybe i'm old man because i like calligraphy and play Go. Who can say it?

Romook, say something boring for everyone

Sens du non-sens

A quoi une non réponse est-elle équivalente?

Je lui pose une question.
J'obtiens une non-réponse.
Dois-je lui donner un sens?

Et là, je pense à Gombrowicz :

"Il y a quelque chose dans la conscience qui en fait un piège pour elle même."

Romook, lui-même

L'éternité, un concept sexuel?

La notion d'éternité effleure l'esprit d'un homme lorsqu'une femme se dénude pour la première fois sous ses yeux.

Romook, à quand le prochain flirt avec l'éternité?

Par delà la montagne

La montagne la plus difficile à franchir est celle que l'on érige seul, dans la solitude de ses émotions.

Romook, rien à ajouter

Comme un poisson dans un aquarium

"- Quel effet ça te faît, Romook, de t'observer comme un poisson dans un aquarium? Méfies toi de tes propres reflets sur les vitres, tu pourrais les confondre avec toi-même."

Romook, épistémologue

Eternity, sexual concept?

Eternity's idea cross the mind of man when he looks, for the first time, a woman undresses herself.

Romook, when could I flirt with eternity next time?



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Romook, hmmmm